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Behold the first recorded steps of South Korean firm Hankook Mirae Technology’s apparently real and fully functioning, 4m tall, 1.5 tonne, onboard-human-operated, bipedal, like-something-out-of-Avatar-looking mecha, METHOD-2.

South Korea robot: Designer insists massive Method-2 is real (CNN)


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17 thoughts on “Suit Up

  1. Anne

    ‘we the people’ 2 posts above there, is John Gallen all out..thinks the people are plebs who should know their place.

      1. Anne

        I had a look at it again..I think I got it the first time..maybe you’ll explain in case I’m missing something instead of the snide comment.

        It’s a metaphor on democracy it looks like to me. That our betters know better than the plebs.

        Don’t come back now with some snide comment as you don’t understand it..let’s work this out like grown ups Tony.

        1. Daddy

          That’s exactly it Anne. It was printed in the New Yorker a few days ago. It assumes the voter is too stupid to vote and they will only vote in an idiot.

          Ergo.. Democracy is bad.

        2. spudnick

          I read it as a lighthearted criticism of the view that ‘my ignorance is just as valid as your informed opinion’, but you go ahead and take it as a personal insult.

        3. John Gallen

          I understood the gag to be about the lack of trust people are today putting in genuine experts, but hey… I guess anyone can fly a plane… I vote for the kid who likes his coffee black

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