The Mattress Spring



This morning.

Hueston Station, Dublin 8

Diarmuid Frain writes:.

The mattress revolution will not be televised….

Previously Nothing Else Mattress

4 thoughts on “The Mattress Spring

  1. bisted

    …please run for president Mick…the business man nearly made it last time but he didn’t have your hair…only you can stop the coronation…

    1. dav

      the bertie ahern backs will not have it. they want bertie in the aras and mehole will probably give in, just to keep their support

      1. bisted

        …nah…the resurgence in the Dublin vote for the FFers is being led by the O’Callaghans…Mehole is cuter than Bertie ever was…

        1. dav

          I still haven’t seen any notice of St Lukes being sold yet… Strange since mehole claimed ownership and the party finances were in a jock..

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