Tasty And Nutritious




At Antrim Area Hospital up North.

Elly Parker’s mum receives a “dairy free salad with ham”.

Elly writes:

Thought you might like this for posting – it’s in Northern Ireland, but shows that the conditions aren’t any better up there.

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31 thoughts on “Tasty And Nutritious

          1. Old Vic

            Strictly speaking I’m a hamateur but folks who have an appetite for my salty humour reckon I should turn pro-sciutto. I don’t know though – some of the audience say I only have given them pain(-cetta)

    1. Pip

      I bet you know that northern delicacy, introduced to me by my granny, vegetable roll.
      Something like meat dotted with something veg coulored. Vividly so.
      Tasty though, and still on the go.

      1. Elly Parker

        I waited until she was checked out of hosp today before posting. Name isn’t in full, and she’s no longer in the bed, so figured it wouldn’t matter on the slip.

    1. Robert

      I don’t think cured meats count as Paleo. Also, not necessarily gluten free … supermarket ham is injected with starches to make it look juicier and this could well be wheat based.

    1. Nigel

      It looks like a deflated kidney that got put on the wrong trolley. Someone’s been sewn up with a dairy free salad and ham inside them.

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