Wake Up To Reality







This morning.

Photojournalist Leon Farrell took a walk from the top of Grafton Street to O’Connell Street Bridge, Dublin.

Leon writes:

“I could not believe the number of people sleeping in shop doorways, walking around with sleeping bags over their shoulders looking for a safe place to lay their heads; standing against railings crying with despair; marking out their sleeping areas with cardboard boxes and hoping that when they returned from getting food, that their spot would still be free.”

Leon Farrell/Rollingnews

28 thoughts on “Wake Up To Reality

  1. Nikkeboentje

    Where are their family and friends? Why are people complaining about the government doing nothing when it seems to appear that even their own friends and family are not prepared to help them.

    1. donal hackett

      so explain how you know the have family the get on with or friends..please give us the inside informayion you have

    2. Brian M

      To set the record straight, the Government are responsible –

      Focus Ireland drafted a legislative amendment to the Planning and Development (Amendment) Bill 2016 to protect more families from Buy to Let evictions (now a major cause of homelessness), but it was voted down on December 16th.

      (source: http://oireachtasdebates.oireachtas.ie/debates%20authoring/debateswebpack.nsf/takes/dail2016121600064?opendocument)

      This will definitely cause more children & parents to become evicted when more landlords sell properties to make a profit or pay off debt to Nama / Vulture Fund firms.

      For more see here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFg6VKVOTfc

      Also worth noting Katherine Zappone, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs voted doqn the same amendment, thus providing no protection to families also.

  2. ReproBertie

    Why mask the faces of the homeless but not those of the passers by? Are they being publicly shamed for not waking up to reality?

  3. Joe Small

    I came back to work after Christmas to see 2-3 homeless people sleeping outside the buildings across the road where there never were homeless people before. I don’t know how they bare the cold.
    I think its hard for people with stable conventional backgrounds to understand how someone ends up homeless, though its getting easier to comprehend as the crisis spreads beyond drug addicts, alcoholics, domestic abuse victims and the mentally ill, towards the mainstream of society.

  4. some young queen

    these people have only themselves to blame, there are HUNDREDS of available accommodations outside dublin laying idle, so much so that the government has to look for people overseas to live in them

    1. Etreilly

      If there is so much accommodation outside of Dublin, why are there so many on county council waiting lists? Your statement is completely wrong. Maybe you should fact check a little bit before you spew tripe.

    2. donal hackett

      so explain how a homeless person finds these accommodations in the first place and how the get a landlord to take them on with no deposit or money for rent..I live outside Dublin and haven’t seen any government campaign to get overseas people to line in the imaginary accommodation you talk about…keep on dreaming, the rest of us will live in the real world.

  5. Barry V

    So it’s ok to house foreign people at a cost of 10 million per year and leave our own people children included out on the streets a shame on this government and a shame for the people of this country to allow this to continue

    1. De Kloot

      If you can get the UN HCR to fund Irish homelessness then so be it. Because it’s the UNHCR that’s funding the support of refugees in to Ireland. But then that’s possibly too convenient a truth for your narrow little mind.

  6. Rory O'Neill

    Get off your bottoms. Get a job. Take responsibility for yourselves. Why should someone else pick up the pieces? Try that trick in Africa- see where it gets you…

    1. backomebollix

      I think you should sprout wings and fly. You’re inability to fly sickens me and I hate you for it.

  7. Dolores Delorean

    this seems to be a very polarised debate – and I mean debate not a discussion which might be more useful in the circumstances – it seems that all the comments are geared at knocking down the person who has gone before them – an expression of genuine thought on the issue might be more helpful

  8. Increasing Displacement

    I was in Dublin CC Christmas Eve and there was a LOT of homeless around. Surprised me really.

  9. Colin

    Never ceases to amaze me that people on the street have the income to afford Nike and Adidas trainers, and they are also nigh impeccable clean.

  10. B Bop

    It’s truly a confusing situation…most of us do have sympathy for the plight of someone in dire circumstances.
    I gave a man a fiver yesterday begging in the cold (as did a few other people)- he looked so sad & alone , I never walk by without giving some cash-but then a few minutes later saw him literally happily skip across the road on way to Luas…a Spanish friend who was with me, absolutely said there are no excuses-there are jobs-other people who come to the country immediately take jobs to pay the rent, despite countless degrees,work experience etc.

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