‘56% Refused To Enter Emergency Accommodation’


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A person sleeps in a shop doorway on Grafton Street, Dublin on Wednesday night

Inner City Helping Homeless writes:

A report issued this morning by Inner City Helping Homeless Outreach Coordination stated that an “unprecedented” number of homeless individuals sleeping on Dublin’s streets last night were afraid to access homeless services.

And as little as 6 per cent of those engaged managed to enter accommodation after 11pm.

Up to 56 per cent refused to engage with emergency accommodation. A shocking 99 individuals presented as homeless last night with 85 males and 14 females – a 10 per cent increase on the previous night.

Chief executive of ICHH Anthony Flynn states:

“Outreach teams found last night particularly difficult, the weather being a serious cause for concern. The unprecedented number of people on the streets in such harsh conditions is totally intolerable.”

Up to 56 per cent of those engaged refused to enter emergency accommodation citing fear of being robbed or sub-standard accommodation conditions.”

“The fear of someone freezing to death is quite worrying.”

“A roundtable discussion is now warranted, and fears that are instilled in those who are refusing to enter accommodation needs be uplifted.”

Inner City Helping Homeless (Facebook)


9 thoughts on “‘56% Refused To Enter Emergency Accommodation’

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        You know the law about freezing to death being illegal (not to mind most inconvenient).
        That one.
        Ignorantia legis haud excusat, or summink like that.

  1. Jonsmoke

    a fear of sub standard accommodation……it must be pretty bad if someone chooses to stay on the street and freeze instead……or the report is a load of hoop.

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