6 thoughts on “Nibbles Of The Gods

    1. Brother Barnabas

      definite decline underway – these were hilarious when they first started, now they’re just really, really funny.

  1. James Chimney

    I had a dream that there was a lab somewhere in Westmeath were government scientists were experimenting, trying to make a blight resistant potato. They went quite mad just staring at potatoes all day. They snapped and their experiments became more sinister. They started splicing this and that together with limited success and the abominations they created scurried into dark corners of their complex and died. One on the abominations did survive and indeed thrived.
    These scientists in the throes of madness combined a mask as used by Anonymous, a bag of manure, a brain they got from the box marked special needs and a jacket as black as Noonan’s heart. On that faithful night, this imbecile was born and the race to the bottom upped a gear.

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