Meanwhile, In Shannon


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Last Sunday.

Shannonwatch, which monitors the use of Shannon Airport by US military planes, reported that more than 730 US military flights landed at the airport in 2016 – more than two a day over the entire year.

Further to this…

Rabble writes:

In light of the revelations that the United States were open to leaving Shannon in 2007, but did not at the behest of the Irish Government, add to this the obvious security concerns of having military personnel at a civilian airport, and factor in the cost of at least €45million to the Irish taxpayer.

We ask the question, why is the US military still using Shannon Airport?

We headed down to Shannon and talked to Ed Horgan and John Lannon of Shannonwatch, who have been part of a monthly peace vigil which has ran unbroken for the last nine years.

Video by Jamie Goldrick, Thom McDermott and James Redmond.

Archive footage courtesy of Eamonn Crudden.

Additional footage from YouTube users MrStecon92, PlaneHDSpotter, & SandySueWho.

Why Is The US Military Still Using Shannon Airport? (Rabble)

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23 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Shannon

  1. Anomanomanom

    While I dont agree with some of the things the Americans do, like rewriting the definition of what a civilian is so as to lower the amount they say they’ve killed by mistake, the use of Shannon is not a big deal. Lets be honest the could and might use Britain after brexit, no pesky eu laws, but using Shannon at least gives us that little bit of allie-ship,I wouldn’t say full allies, with the most powerful military nation on earth. Its a no brainer really.

    1. Dubhàin

      Ahh it reminds me of the good old days when the Brits protected us with the treaty ports. All the hundreds of countries planning to invade us couldn’t figure out a way around it. After they left we must have been invaded so many times, the history books just couldn’t fit it in.

      1. Anomanomanom

        If your stupid enough to think the “allie” comment I made was based on the worry of people invading us then that sums up your intelligence. I meant it as in, what else do we have to offer in any friendly relationship between our country’s. And why not let them continue something they’ve done for decades already.

        1. Dubhàin

          Economic allies do not require on site military facilities. otherwise there’d be military bases everywhere. We offer the US the same thing we offer every other country, trade. Arguing that the economic benefit outweighs the military risk is delusional. Remember Iraq was both an economic and military ally of the US. How’d that work out?

          1. Anomanomanom

            Like I said I don’t agree with everything the USA does. But basically whats the problem with Shannon being used. When we were controlled by the church the US used Shannon, when we were a blip on the eu radar the US used Shannon, when we were lost the run of our self in the boom the US used Shannon. So basically when were a nothing country(international terms) it was grand now we think we’re great its not grand.

  2. AlisonT

    Where are they getting the cost of 45 million from? The Airport needs to be secure anyway so it would be interesting to see what the extra security costs are. As we rely on NATO to protect our airspace we are getting more from our good military relations with the US then 45 million would buy anyway. Thousands of Irish businesses supply the US military. Pretty sure you will find Irish food products in their ration packs and Irish software on their machines. The US military developed the internet so we should probably ban that too.

    1. Kieran NYC

      “The Airport needs to be secure anyway”

      Except every so often a geriatric manages to climb the fence in broad daylight and get on the runway. So it’s not really all that secure.

  3. Hieronymus Tosh

    The US has a presence in 10 RAF stations in Britain, why are they still using Shannon at all? I’d imagine modern aircrafts fuel expenditure rates have removed the need for a fuel stop in Ireland

  4. newsjustin

    I wonder what the “obvious security concerns of having military personnel at a civilian airport” are.

  5. Joe Small

    Its quite strange flying out of Shannon sometimes when the departures lounge is crammed with US Servicemen and women in battle fatigues (unarmed obviously). They are terribly polite though.
    I’m not sure why they use Shannon. Its a quiet airport with a long runway and the first stop on this side of the Atlantic, so there’s that.

  6. Zena

    Anom, you don’t appear to have the brains you were born with. Why don’t you do us all a favour and offer yourself up to the yanks for target practise? You and all the rest of the sheeple that see nothing wrong with Ireland assisting these warmongerers, will be the first outraged motormouths if/when we are targeted.

    1. Anomanomanom

      If you don’t have the intellectual ability to have a conversation with someone of a differing opinion to yours and resort to using very boring and at this stage idiotic names, sheeple, you should just go back to watching your tv and be outraged at everything on your own.

      1. Zena

        Your spelling is atrocious and your punctuation is abominable, yet you berated another commenter calling them stupid.

        Your comment above my previous one is the most repulsive comment ever to appear on a BS thread.

        Lastly, when trolling, double check your avatars
        as they vary on this thread Einstein

        1. Taanbuaagam


          I’m glad I am not the only one who notices this.
          Some people actually appear to revel in their own stupidity.

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