Poolbeg Saved



But only on the telly.

Carlos The Clipper writes:

Good news, Poolbeg will be saved and still tower over us in our post-apocalyptic future! [Martial arts drama] Into The Badlands‘ second season was shot here last year and will be screened in March,. Ireland looks pretty epic! Cast includes Orla Brady, Sarah Bolger and The Nick Frost!

Watch trailer here.

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15 thoughts on “Poolbeg Saved

    1. edalicious

      The link is also not working, Bodger. Maybe try knocking off the dodgy VPN you’re using to watch US Netflix before checking if things work for the Irish website that you’re trying to run.

  1. Louis Lefronde

    Saved for what precisely? For steampunk fans? For nostalgia of the 1970’s and 80’swhen Dublin was the poorest capital city in Western Europe. For ‘industrial heritage’ in a city that was never industrial like Manchester or Birmingham (Peaky Blinders) Saved so people can reminisce about leaving or returning on the boat 30 years ago (thank god for Ryanair)

    Saved so that we cannot progress and erect a landmark that truly defines the future.

    How limited, how backward, how stupid?

    1. scottser

      be careful when you rant, for someone may be tieing your shoelaces together while you’re not paying attention.

    2. rotide

      I find that tt really helps if you read all of Louis’ moaning with a comedy french accent.

      ‘Aaaah duuun caaaare about ze aaaahrriish way of laaafe’

    3. Anne

      Here Louis –


      Preserving Our Heritage.

      ‘Somebody made a comment on one of the posts about the destruction of the Georgian cellars that manages to be blindingly obvious and obviously blind at the same time :
      These are just holes in the ground.
      It got me thinking about the ways people try to diminish what they don’t like.’

      Also, take your bagguettes and shag back off to Cote Z’Azur would you.
      Just FYI, you talk like that to anyone in RL about Poolbeg, I guarantee you they’re thinking the same.. Listen to Pepe Le Pew on about Poolbeg. Go away like.

    4. Sitric

      Would ya ever shurrup Louis. You’re obsessed and constantly moaning about them. Change the bleedin record.

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