‘It Was A Genuine Mistake’



Last night.

On RTÉ’s Dancing With The Stars.

Contestant Hughie Maughan , left of host Nicky Byrne (above), went blackface.

He spoke to Ryan Tubridy on RTE Radio One this morning.

From their discussion:

Hughie Maughan: “I didn’t think it was going to be like, so many, one of the top trending things on Twitter and be in all the newspapers and…this morning I got a, I’d seen a clip, there’s a channel in America, and there’s a chat show and they spoke about my tan on the chat show.”

Ryan Tubridy: “And how do you feel about that?”

Maughan: “I think, that’s just weird because that was a genuine mistake. If I’d planned something probably nobody would speak about that. Cause I’d never be clever enough to speak about..it was a genuine mistake, it was like trying to make a bad situation better and then it just got worse.”

Tubridy: “The producer of the programme said ‘Hughie is like a hyperactive child. He can’t sit still or concentrate on one thing for any length of time. Everything he does is over the top, including his tan. I don’t know what he’ll be like next week. Maybe he’s going for a sponsorship deal with Ronseal‘.”

Maughan: Laughs.

Tubridy: “That’s from Larry Bass, of Shinawil, according to Melanie Finn, in the Herald this morning.”

Maughan: “Yeah, I know who he is. He’s just em… he’s really nice. But yeah, like…There’s people forgetting that I came from the Big Brother house. I’m not one of these, I’m not a professional athlete or something. I came from a trashy reality TV show. And I’ll probably go to another trashy reality TV show after Dancing with the Stars…”


Tubridy: “Well, you’re adding to the entertainment factor of the programme, no doubt about it. You’re a good sport to get up for us this morning and take our call. I appreciate it…”

Watch Dancing with the Stars back here

Listen to The Ryan Tubridy Show back here

Pic: Bibi Paloma

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41 thoughts on “‘It Was A Genuine Mistake’

  1. rotide

    Wait, he went overboard with his tan rather than going actual blackface? Hard to tell from the picture.

          1. rotide

            It’s been in the popular posts since it was posted. Clearly some sort of bug but Karl claims it’s just popular

  2. some young queen

    “Hughie is like a hyperactive child. He can’t sit still or concentrate on one thing for any length of time.”

    well yeah he’s a traveller isnt he?

    1. Tucker

      You don’t need to feel outraged, because I genuinely don’t think he meant to cause offence.

      Scarleh for his ma for havin’ him is probably a more appropriate response.

  3. steve k

    hes making a statement as a member of an ethnic group. he should be applauded for it. maybe he should get grant aid for it. Its a vital part of Traveller culture like burgling elderly farmers.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      He’s making a statement as a member of a reality show! Last week everyone extracted the urine over his tan, so this week he decided he’s show them just how tanned he can get. It’s done its job. Hughie’s gotten himself some column inches in the papers and he’s trended on Twitter. It will surely mean he qualifies to go on Sugar Free Farm next.

  4. Junkface

    This show is tacky, trashy, rubbish. Morons and z list celebrities competing for publicity in a dance off. Awful.

    Not surprising that one of the contestants does something stupid like this.

  5. Holden MaGroin

    So if he got slagged off over his fake tan last week and he overdid it this week to send himself up is that not just a bit of a joke?
    As opposed to ignorance.

    Think I answered my own question there.

    Actually is just people looking to get outraged over nothing again? No one is so stupid as to actually go blackface on purpose. Are they?

    Think I answered my own question there.

    Why do I care so much about this? It’s taking up valuable time/space in my brain and is a non-issue.

    OK. I’ve decided: I am not outraged and I’m annoyed this issue has distracted me from my incredibly interesting life. Leave me alone Broadsheet.

    1. Holden MaGroin

      Interesting view in your thought process there Holden. Everyone’s going to be so happy you posted this for them to see. Well done.

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