Irish App Of The Day: R2B





Download in case of emergency.

Stephen O’Connor writes:

I’m a co-founder at R2B. We are an Irish startup creating a safety service for outdoor activities. In short, a user creates an activity with an ETA and Emergency Contacts, in the event a user does not check back in from the activity; R2B will escalate to their Emergency Contacts with last known location details via SMS. All information is saved on our servers so no mobile signal, no battery or even no phone is not a problem.




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9 thoughts on “Irish App Of The Day: R2B

  1. H

    Does it do anything beyond contacting my emergency contacts or does it leave it up to them to decide what to do next?

    1. R2B

      We leave it up to the emergency contact(s) to decide what to do next. We had looked into an emergency services protocol but simply there would be too many false alarms

  2. Joe

    Good idea, I’ll defo sign up. Been hiking the hill’s for years without incident experience doesn’t mean you won’t have an accident just means it’s less likely.

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