On Sale Tomorrow



A Night In the Key Of 8 on Sunday, April 23 at the Olympia Theatre, Dublin.

Buzz writes:

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow morning from Ticketmaster 9am for a unique night at The Olympia Theatre on Sunday April 23 With a host of major acts and performances from across the broad spectrum of Ireland’s arts community with all proceeds going to the Repeal Project, supporting fundraising for the repeal the 8th movement….

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23 thoughts on “On Sale Tomorrow


      Hes keepn well, I saw him the other day with H from Steps…dey were cosying up together on 1euro CD shelf in Oxfam.

  1. Cot

    Abortion on demand, free of charge. That’s what we want. And that’s ultimately (when the Opus freaks die out) what we’ll get. Drag Ireland into the 21st century.

      1. Cot

        Reproductive rights on demand, you mean. I’ll forgive your paedophilic Catholic Church ass this one time.

  2. To Dream the Impossible Dream

    With the benefit of hindsight can anybody suggest people who are alive today that we really should have aborted – sorry – hoped the controller of their reproduction rights had made a slightly alternative demand of themselves

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      With the benefit of hindsight can anybody suggest people who aren’t alive today because of couples who didn’t have sex, or who had sex with contraception, or who had sex without contraception, but no fertilisation took place, or where fertilisation took place but miscarried?

  3. Nigel

    Little Miss Mafia
    Sat on the taffeta
    And blew Don Corleone away
    Along came John Gotti
    She ate his biscotti
    And sank him far out in the bay.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Plus Mary Black (I love her)

        And Wyvern Lingo are great. I’ll be checking the tickets out.

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