25 thoughts on “Howzat!

  1. Owen

    Something mad going on with the decimal points there. In any event, buy it now, its only costing you €5 rather than £25 + £4k shipping.

    Is cricket gear shipped by private jet?

    1. dav

      and if he wishes to play cricket instead of hurling? would you demand that the father hit the child until he stops wanting to play cricket? would that make him more “irish”?

      1. Rob_G

        I think he’s arguing that the two products are very similar, and that one is readily available and inexpensive in Ireland…

        1. Owen

          Except they are not the, bar in appearance. A cricket helmet protects the ears and side of (and under) the jaw. The hurling helmet largely focuses on face and head.

          You don’t wear a scrum cap in horse racing, do you?

        2. dav

          @rob_g nope that was not his intention. he’s angry enough at the thought of a child playing cricket instead of hurling to resort to ad hominem

  2. blueswannabe

    If it’s a seller, they do this when they don’t know how to disable delivery to a country, that way they’re not marked down in listings for not delivering to enough countries, if it’s amazon itself is the seller it’s a decimal issue, guessing it’s the former though.

  3. gerry

    I know this is an obvious mistake but the original poster seems to imply that increase in cost are to be expected. It should be cheaper to import from the UK until they actually leave the EU due to the currency difference.

  4. Eoin

    I bought four small tubes of super glue for £2.50 sterling each. Postage was £15 from the UK. Total rip off. That’s what you get for selling your 400 year old postal system to…the German government (German gov is the biggest shareholder in the Royal Mail).

    1. Andy

      The German govt is the biggest shareholder in Royal Mail?

      Where’d you get that from.

      The ESOP has over 10% of it. Which it received for free.

  5. Mourning Ireland

    I’m stumped. Or maybe they’re trumped. Creased with laughter. I am sure he’s ashen faced at the cost but he will get over it.

  6. Mé Féin

    The helmets are made in China. The pound has tanked. Therefore the helmets are more expensive in Britain.
    Send them to Ireland and slap on a Paddy tax.
    Anyway, play a proper sport. Cricket is so flipping boring. It’s for people who can’t play sports.

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