A Drummer Writes



Judith Goldberger writes:

…Or maybe MBV and their drummer are not popular or too noisy for the IT? Or they didn’t verify the sender….


Sound Opinion? (Irish Times Letters)

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43 thoughts on “A Drummer Writes

  1. al

    i noticed this at U2. I could hear everyone’s conversations around me as if i was just on a busy street. its annoying. thought it was just the stage setup (massive screen splitting the venue in two). it also happened at marley park and the marquee in cork. The prodigy should leave my ears ringing for days but again i could hear the people around me perfectly.

  2. Bacchus

    The Point Depot (nobody is paying me to advertise diddly) is designed to get people in and get people out efficiently. They also like to get a few bob at the bar if they can. That’s it. There is no concern for sound quality (never mind volume) and less concern for atmosphere. Obviously neither Black Sabbath nor Neil Young would be aware of this until they got here but I imagine they’re not too happy with being told there are restrictions on loudness. I know people live there, most would have moved in long after the establishment of The Point as a venue (another day’s debate) but short of playing in fields and stadiums, God help us, loud acts should be booked into venues that can take a bit of volume.

    1. guy bague

      They entitled to beat whatever drum they like. This is more fact than opinion. He’s even more entitled to fact.

      You sound rather thin-skinned yourself.

  3. Kenny Plank

    How come he begins “A chara”, but doesn’t end with “Is Mise” but “Yours, etc”? Standards are slipping in the Irish Times indeed… Or is the whole thing a wind up?

  4. Cot

    In tomorrow’s Irish Times: Nick Pell complains that Fascist bands are being silenced by the PC brigade.

  5. dylad

    I hate people talking at gigs. Shut up and listen. As for gigs being too quiet, go to a decent gig in a decent venue. Also, try 20 years of roaring tinnitus!!!

  6. Sheila

    I was at the Biffy Clyro gig there recently and that was plenty loud. Dare I say it, too loud.

    Also (IMO) people who continuously talk at gigs should be banned from all gigs for life. Is it just Ireland that it’s this bad???

  7. Kenny Plank

    Some shagger ruined that John Cage gig in the NCH by munching crisps loudly behind me. Should be banned. Along with people taking video with mobile phones and (always one) tablets.

    1. Kenny Plank

      In the Name of the Fada.

      You should write them a letter and see if they print your name as Me Fein.

      1. Frilly Keane


        Years ago I put in an Announcement and to sign it off it had a bitta personality and craic with a ” Sur’ ” in it
        And they corrected the whole thing. And charged me a hundred n’fifty yoyos too

        D”Examiner did no such thing
        For half the money
        And t’was the jobbie
        Highlighted n’every ting

        Indo the same, but poo location and over a ton

  8. Custo

    The 3 arena is the worst venue I’ve ever been to in terms of sound quality. You may as well be in a tin barn. A tin barn full of arseholes.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      Worst indoor maybe.
      The RDS outdoor is awful, they may as well be shouting off the Cliffs of Moher

  9. Custo

    Also : Saw MBV at roskilde in 07/08. The loudest thing I’ve ever experienced, thanks to Mr O’Coisóg. Saw them at the picnic the next year and the nanny state decibel limit ruined it.

  10. Owensie

    There are restrictions on the dB level put in place to prevent hearing damage. And for good reason, I know plenty of people who need to leave the radio or tv on to sleep just to drown out the constant ringing from tinnitus.

    Saying your ears should be ringing after a gig is like saying ‘the lighting was great, I couldn’t see properly for days!’.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        If you judge a gig purely on how loud it is you’re a bit of a sap.
        I said, YOU’RE A BIT OF A SAP.

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            I know this is gonna sound a little bit crazy but that’s us Leos, wild and impetuous – I’m going to imagine a gig where it’s not too quiet and not too loud, join me won’t you…

  11. Garthicus

    Went to the Dixie Chicks last year in the point. They smashed the $hit out if it with the sound so unsure why others aren’t.

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