46 thoughts on “Is There Anything To Be Said For Another Mass?

  1. Eamonn Clancy

    I’d say these lads are mad craic altogether. And to come up with such an original idea all on their own and to share it with us, wow, just wow.

    1. Kenny Plank

      Indeed. Total ledges. The kinda of thing everyone from the bog gets up to in New Yawk like when they’re on their first business trip. Jesus.

    1. Daddy

      How was the Late Late show last week? Did you enjoy your trip up to the big smoke and your stay at Jury’s?

  2. diddy

    Thats med craic leds!!! Take a 20 year old joke and tell all your mates in deck shoes and gaa jerseys tucked into the 501’s about it.

  3. Anomanomanom

    Love it, love it. Its the best, really it is. All the words, good words, the best words. Lets make TED great again.

    1. Tony

      Are you new here bob? They’ve been slagging trump off for months. You wrongly assume bodger’s anti Hillary rants means BS is pro Trump or soft on Trump. It never was

      1. Bob

        Yet the only articles on the US are fluff pieces like this. Nothing about the upheavel going on. Nothing about the travel ban. Very strange that US politics are no longer mentioned now that Trump is in power.

  4. Colm

    I’m not enraged by the relatively straightforward premise of the bantz, presumably playing on the contrast between meek protest-style of Father Ted & Dougal and Trump’s bullying braggadocio and the whole seriousness of the “potential end of progress/war with China and maybe Russia” vibe. It’s all a bit of a wheeze, maybe there’s a whiff of danger in New York at the moment so they thought – “hey! cultural touchpoint, access to a printer, LET’S DO THIS”

    What I can’t figure out is: which Broadsheet posts did they read previously and think”this is the audience for this jape”? I would have thought Joe or HerFamily or Unilad or Benchwarmers would be more receptive to this.
    Unless they’re just blowing a bit of smoke in through here to see who emerges coughing and furious, before they launch their meta meta meta web series.

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