He’s Beem there done that.

Via DoneDeal:

My car, (her name is Sabine, say hello) has a service history which is longer than the findings of the Chilcot inquiry, and is currently wearing new Pirelli Cinturato P7s’.

I bought her two years ago at the beginning of my quarter-life crisis, but as I approach my 30 and the status-anxiety has disappeared, I’ve decided that the time has come to say goodbye.

Whilst Sabine is mechanically perfect, she’s currently undergoing a period of minor electrical strife, so the roof isn’t retracting under power and the airbag light has illuminated. With that in mind I’ve priced her accordingly, allowing you to grab a bargain before the summer and the annual 40% convertible price increase.

(Open to ‘swapping’ offers for another 08+ ultimate driving machine (BMW), something else from Germany which is rear-wheel drive, something to tow a horsebox, or at the most basic, something more James May as opposed James Bond.)

BMW Z4 For Sale (DoneDeal)

Thanks John S

13 thoughts on “Goodbye Sabine

  1. Scundered

    those beemer dashboards light up like a christmas tree once they get over 100k on the clock, hope you get a buyer

  2. Jimmy Ireland

    Be cheaper to just do the hairdresser’s course – at least then you wouldn’t just look like one.

  3. scottser

    are we doing this now? great stuff: one of the front brake calipers on my 1998 bmw 316 seized over the weekend and she needs an abs pump – which i got from a breaker’s yard. taxed and nct’d for another month. who’ll give me 700 euro for it?

  4. Compassion Cash

    2005 Fiat Punto, NCT for next year with brand new clutch, lever and gears. Only 80k on it. Very economical. 1100e

  5. eric cartman

    change the battery, BMW’s always go funny when the battery is old. My 7 series and my 6 series both cured of all sorts of issues with a new battery.

  6. Kenny Plank

    Obviously he’s not getting enough “likes” on Facebook so he posts here about his Beemer.

    If you’re still driving yourself at 25 you’re a loser.

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