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Home makeover show Room To Improve, presented by architect Dermot Bannon returned last week for its tenth season on RTÉ One.

Aine Kerrigan writes:

Room To Improve is available to watch live and on demand on RTÉ Player. Watch extracts from Dermot’s most memorable moments along with the full episode from each clip in a very special Room to Improve Collection now on RTÉ Player INCLUDING (above) from last season ‘the one with the concrete wall’ as jet-lagged long haul pilot, Ian, remains unconvinced about Dermot’s vision to build a massive concrete feature wall in an attempt to put a contemporary stamp on a 1930’s home in Drogheda…

Room To Improve Collection (RTÉ Player)

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33 thoughts on “Roominate This

  1. seekingsusan

    Do we really have to endure RTE runners or producers or whatever posting snippets of this poo on Broadsheet to get people talking about their ‘great’ programe. Flump off!!

    1. No more mr nice guy

      Apparently yes we have to “endure” it. There are no other pointless web blog sites on which to waste valuable time. Only this one. No need to thank me.

    2. mildred st. meadowlark

      I really am not a fan of rte and their rather painfully bland form of programming, but room to improve is probably one of the most consistent and entertaining thing they show, apart from the six one.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Reeling in the Years.

          I’ve an awful soft spot for it, for all that it’s a glorified slideshow

          1. Joe Small

            I liked Reeling in the Years at first but now I just think, “oh dear god, that was twenty years ago! I remember it like it was last week.”

  2. Niallo

    He’s an odious twerp, a toady of the rich and tasteless, his “style” is the very antithesis if style.
    Wretched little man…
    On the plus side, He has a face i would never tire of slapping.
    So thats good.

  3. Truth in the News

    This type of television episode has been run on RTE without ever giving a full account of the costs
    involved in adhering to the whims of Bannon, this is the diversonary programming so much the
    style of RTE, this type of television program should be got rid of and the crowd who dream’t it up
    given the boot… never see a program about the shoe box flats or house’s that are all over the
    place, and we should not forget another source of eccentric television documentary style ,,,,,one
    Duncan Steward.
    Little wonder RTE are selling off land at Montrose, they aint giving it away for social housing

  4. Anne

    RTE investigates tonight was just heart breaking to watch.

    FG need to go. It’s 3rd world crap. People being left to die or contemplating suicide waiting on hospital lists..lists that aren’t even remotely accurate. The minister is coming onto Claire Bryne to say how awful he feels..what a joke.

  5. Bort

    Jesus that couple in Drogheda, the pilot and blonde missus were quite odious. Dermott is a pain in the hole too. They always seem to be quite over priced builds that won’t add much value to the properties. What’s with all the outdoor fire places?

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    There are so many presenters like that Bannon fella; selling a lifestyle, getting the cash into the pocket in exchange for complete horse manure, smiling and doing that ‘ah shure aren’t ya great’ style of TV craic, read a book or two and now spouts lines from said book.

    Needs to put a sticker on himself cos I can see straight through him.

  7. Kenny Plank

    If Broadsheet was going away we’d see a Broadsheet stand at Web Summit looking to flog the site to an “investor”. Have you?



    1. Tony

      Are you saying they had a stand at the Web Summit looking for an investor or they didn’t?

      It’s not clear from your otherwise great comment

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