Unspeakable Allegations




This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2

During Leader’s Questions

Brendan Howlin:” …This morning a journalist contacted me and told me they had direct knowledge of calls made by the Garda Commissioner to journalists during 2013 and 2014 in the course of which she made very serious allegations of sexual crimes having been committed by Sergeant Maurice McCabe. In 2015, the Garda Commissioner oversaw the investigation which examined the call logs of a garda who was under suspicion of leaking material to the media. If it were a fact that the Garda Commissioner was in direct contact with the media making allegations against one of her officers at around the same time, it would be extraordinary. I do not know whether the charges being made against the Garda Commissioner are true…”

An Ceann Comhairle Seán Ó Fearghaíl: “I am concerned that the Deputy is raising points in the House that are extremely dangerous and that he is taking us into territory into which we should not venture. It is not an appropriate matter to raise in the House.”

: “Yesterday, it was announced that there is to be a commission of inquiry into these matters. We have not seen the terms of reference relating to the latter. Those on the Opposition benches have not seen the redacted or full report that led the Government to make the decision. I am making no allegation.”

An Ceann Comhairle:
“To raise the question of the commission of inquiry is perfectly legitimate. However, the Deputy has just recounted a dúirt bean liom go ndúirt bean léi story relating to a journalist contacting him and referencing the Garda Commissioner. Such a statement is not appropriate.”

Howlin:”I will be guided by the Ceann Comhairle. I have some track record in these matters.”

An Ceann Comhairle: “The Deputy does….”

Howlin: “…On the previous occasion that such information was given to me, I went directly to the then Minister for Justice and Equality, who caused an inquiry into these matters. I ended up in both the High Court and the Supreme Court, where I was told the proper course of action would have been to raise such matters directly in the House.”

An Ceann Comhairle:  “We have a long-standing tradition not to name people outside the House who are not in a position to defend themselves.”

Howlin: “There is to be a formal inquiry into these matters. I am saying that I have been contacted by somebody who is willing to give evidence to the commission and, in the circumstances, I am of the opinion that the Garda Commissioner should stand aside until the inquiry comes to a determination. I ask the Taoiseach to agree with me on it.”

Enda Kenny: I do not agree. The matter the Deputy has raised is of the most serious import, and he understands this. The Tánaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality, Deputy Fitzgerald, received the report last October from Mr. Justice Iarfhlaith O’Neill on his review of two protected disclosures which deal with matters of privacy, confidentiality and constitutional import. The Tánaiste will lay the order before the House today, as is required in dealing with commissions of investigation and matters of protected disclosure. The report to be published will be what can be published, taking into account those parameters of privacy, confidentiality and constitutional importance. It will be published today on advice received by the Tánaiste. The reason for the commission of investigation is because Mr. Justice O’Neill, in his review, pointed out that the review could not have attempted to establish where the truth lies in respect of the very serious allegations made here…”

Howlin: “We have not seen the review.”

Enda Kenny “:Protected disclosures are protected and the law is there for whistleblowers. These are allegations that are vehemently denied by the two people against whom they were made. For this purpose, the Attorney General spoke to the Chief Justice about appointing a judge to deal with it, as the Tánaiste announced yesterday.
There are set procedures that have to be followed. The Government yesterday approved the Tánaiste’s recommendations that a commission should be set up, that the draft order which she brought to Government would be approved, that the order would be laid before the House and that the statement of reasons would be laid before both Houses of the Oireachtas. With regard to the approving of the appropriate motions, it was agreed that a suitable person should be appointed to conduct the investigation and that the issues are followed in correct sequence in that regard.”

There you go now.

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Pic: RTÉ



Statement from Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan

Garda Commissioner refutes Brendan Howlin’s ‘most serious’ claims (Irish Examiner)

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43 thoughts on “Unspeakable Allegations

  1. Romeo C

    This is the tact used against all whistleblowers within the force, ostracise them, isolated them, discredit them and try and destroy their lives professionally and privately.

      1. No more mr nice guy

        For sure. That’s why I am a bit wary of some of the Cynthia Owen stuff published here too.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          if anything, Cynthia Owen has been the subject of that – not the other way round.

          pity for them they picked on a strong, dignified woman who stands her ground

          1. No more mr nice guy

            Well you’re probably correct Brother in that case. Indeed I admit I probably picked a poor example in making a more general point.

  2. Happy Molloy

    Wow. Just wow, if true then out the feckin door with Noreen.

    Any ideas as to who the journalist is?

    1. Romeo C

      Doubt it was just one, would think it’s accurate to say it’s one with courage to come forward. Fair play to them who ever it is.

      1. newsjustin

        Genuine/Stoopid question here. For a journalist, how do they square the ethos of “protecting your source” with outing people making claims against other people……does it mean making a call on whether they think there’s any truth to the claims.

        I agree though – if someone’s making false claims to discredit another person – they don’t deserve protection.

        1. ____

          I’d imagine that when you deliberately lie to a journalist to suit your own ends and screw someone over that it’s understood you’re not going to get protection.

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    If there is even a scintilla of truth in these allegations against the incumbent Commissioner she should be immediately be booted out of office, not meekly invited to “step aside” (on full pay and entitlements).

    1. ahjayzis

      If she’s found out to be a corrupt liar it’s straight to a high-paying job in Europol for her.

      No ifs or buts. We simply MUST promote the rot out of the system.

  4. Friscondo

    I don’t think there is anything that would shock anyone here who has any clue of the workings of the upper echelons of the Gardai.

    1. newsjustin

      It”s mad when you think about it. Do a decent job, get a decent pay-cheque (eventually), be cool, have grand-kids, retire on a good pension………….Oh No. Not for the guards. They have to fock around like it’s a 17th century papal court.

  5. kellma

    Someone at this level basically slandering (liable if it made it to print) this man’s reputation like that…. To say it is unacceptable is an understatement!!!

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Enough is enough. O’SULLIVAN and all of her supporters ( Fitzgerald, Kenny, etc. etc.) must all go now. Enough

  7. martco

    I’m guessing the only plausible reason she’s not had the boot by now is that herself and the hubby between them know a lot about “where the bodies are buried” so to speak and are virtually untouchable

  8. steve k

    RTE arent reporting this. they mentioned allegations against O’Sullivan but didnt stipulate what they were.

  9. Brother Barnabas

    doubtful that’s quite the expression of appreciation he’s hoping for


  10. ____

    Hmmm…you can cut the head off but what’s going to ooze its way up to take her place?

    What worries me is that anyone who’s made their way in a toxic system will have had to do a lot of bad things, or at the very least ignore others that are.

    Unfortunately you’d expect that anyone with a moral compass and strong character will have been weeded out long before they get to that level.

    You could say that about politics too mind…

    Pretty depressing really.

  11. realPolithicks

    She needs to go and be replaced by somebody from outside of the current police force. Anybody who has come up through this corrupt force is incapable of carrying out the reforms necessary. She needs to go today.

    1. ____

      If fairness, any employer needs to have a solid case for firing someone, and they won’t have that put together just yet. Yet.

      I do think it’s crazy that she hasn’t resigned. Seems that officials/politicians/business leaders here just think “sure I’ll deny everything and it’ll all blow over”.

      1. Toe Up

        You’re surprised? How long have you lived in this country? No one resigns, it’s the Irish way.

  12. the bottler

    Possible Noirin will be requisitioning a substantial roll of black sacks shortly. But not to worry herself and the hubby will be lodging the best part of 200K per annum in pension entitlements!

  13. Truth in the News

    What else is Brendan Howlin aware of about this whole episode, what whispering went on in
    Establishment and Government circles, he knows a good bit more than what the journalist
    told him, did he know already…….?

  14. TK ickle

    Nothing to see here. Sure it’s all TULSA and stuff now. Jaysus we are easily distracted.

    Good smoke and mirrors though! Well played Government!

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