Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT



Broadsheet on the Telly.

The independent, alternative talk show that’s been hours months in the making is ready to go LIVE!

A show where YOU discuss the stories of the day, probe the issues and HAVE a natter over a late night doobie martini tay.

And no one – not even your mother* – can tell you to shut up.

Broadcasting tonight and every Thursday at 11.30pm, on and our YouTube channel.

Any excuse.

* unless it’s her gaff.

UPDATE: So as not to clash with Vincent Browne we will now commence at 11.45pm

135 thoughts on “Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT

  1. Vivienne

    WTG Broadsheet. Thank god for alternative media that’s not controlled by either Denis O’Brien, or the Irish Government.

        1. Nigel

          Holy crap, no. I’m not destroying the mysterious romantic mystique I’ve worked so hard to build by turning up on your screens like a convict in a line-up mumbling vague justifications about how it was the other guy wot done it and spilling coffee in my lap while trying to expound on the issues of the day.

    1. Bodger

      Ironcorona, it’ll be up on you tube and well do the timing whatsit so you can skip to the bits that might tickle your fancy.

      1. realPolithicks

        And Boston, as soon as I wade through through 18 inches of snow we’re getting at the moment…

  2. Janet, I ate my avatar

    I have set a reminder ! Excited and no matter what happens yis were brave to unmask

  3. WhiteKnight

    Broadsheet on the tellybox?

    Basically footage of Moyest howling impotently and flinging his excrement all over the shop.

  4. Hicksonian

    This could be bigger than Newshounds would have been if the interweb had got its act together in time. God speed BS. Going boldly as ever. Gulp.

  5. mildred st. meadowlark

    I stayed up late for this and the tea will only stay hot for so long.


    I’ll put some popcorn on too. I’m looking forward to this.

  6. Ringer

    Is that Bodger!? So much more modelly than I expected. Fair play in fairness. Also, lovely house plants-possibly lose the fairly lights for next broadsheetcast

  7. Liam Deliverance

    RTE, along with a lot of other state institutions, need to be dismantled and rebuilt minus the bias,cronyism, corruption and wastage of the taxpayers hard earned money. It’s the only way to reform, they can’t manage to progress or evolve on their own.

    1. Walter Ego

      Every now and then, RTE do some proper investigating programmes. Admittedly, very rare. Like a rare glimpse of something shiny in a tank full of poo.

      1. Liam Deliverance

        Agreed, I really dig Claire Byrne, no nonsense and very formidable. If RTE was just any other TV and Radio outlet with no license or squandering of taxpayers money (Tubridy 900k a few years back) they could do as they pleased.

  8. M

    Great to see an alternative to Redacted news + RTE news….. I think this program will get better over time. Also, would be good to have short sharp snippets that you can post on Facebook, Twitter etc …… I would love to see John tell/narrate the story about the time Redacted’s legal team asked Broadsheet to remove a story about him.

    1. bisted

      …my theory…this happened on a Friday when they’d all stayed in the pub and nobody was left in the office…next thing they were being portrayed as the Davids who had stood against Goliath…brazen it out lads…turn it into a virtue…

  9. rotide

    JR just lobbed an absolute grenade with that comment about Soros funding the repeal campaign and it’s been almost completely ignored.

    1. rotide

      Right-On-Ranelagh Journo did prove his bone fides by mentioning that 6 guys weren’t allowed to have an opinion.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Will you have some zingy, well-illustrated commentary on tonight’s episode?

      I do hope so.

    2. rotide

      Well, JR was spot on about his concerns about having an adult conversation about it all.

      The repeal side can be just as snarky as the pro lifers

  10. Hicksonian

    Satisfying swipes at the usual suspects and a few low blows at the Pound baiting big swinging dick made for a decent night in. Was waiting for a Panini Sticker reveal and a craft beer top 5 beardy chat so please get a gender balance next time. Watching 6 men in a video chat room after midnight of a schoolnight talking about women’s sovereignty is a bit Priest Chatback.

  11. sonic boom

    in my humble opinion it needs more work. was clunky and not natural. im a big fan of site in general, and no expert, but hey everything has to start somewhere. god I’m so Irish I can’t admit it just was not at the races. sorry mammy.

  12. Happy Molloy

    would it be easy to throw it up on to a podcast?

    didn’t get to watch it last night (was love making) and it’s hard to something that size throughout the day, podcast could be listened to when out and about though?

    1. No more mr nice guy

      “Was love making ”

      So was I. But I still was able to hold my iPhone in my
      other hand.

  13. Rose

    Catching up this morning. Depending on how late I manage to stay awake, either my night finishes or my day begins with the Broadsheet papers so I’ll be tuning in. It’s like the comments only now I can keep working away instead of having to read the screen ;-)

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Well, in a “The following individuals will never be permitted to feature or participate:” way. It wasn’t the first name in the list, though.

        1. No more mr nice guy

          They should have you on there doing your film reviews. My only negatives on the format was that it was

          A) a cockfest – we are all dying to see what Frilly or Anne look like, or Mildred for that matter
          B) a boring cockfest – where’s the levity that is a integral part of the site? The only funny bit was at the start where some people introduced themselves saying that they had an entry in the book of things that looked like Ireland – in fact it seemed to be a criteria for getting in :)
          C) on too late. Some of us have jobs for fupps sakes and go to bed at a “normal” hour

          Other ideas:

          Special edition of “Call My Bluff” or “Countdown” style punogram game featuring Spaghetti Hoop
          Musical guest introduced by Scottser
          Anything by Mick Flavin as others suggest
          Weekly GAA betting tips with Frilly
          Anne’s rant – each week watch Anne take out some high level figure taking them apart with numbers and spreadsheets

        2. No more mr nice guy

          Oh and Commenter Nemesis Deathmatch

          Each week watch a commenter have a water fight or something with their Broadsheet nemesis

          This week: Clampers and Nigel throw snowflakes at each other

  14. newsjustin

    I could only watch a small bit of it last night, but thought it was good. A good format. Ye’re on to something there. Well done all.

  15. H

    I didn’t have time to give this my full attention so had it on in the background. I found the subject matter a bit heavy and as an ex-pat I don’t have the same vested interest in or in-depth knowledge of some of the context or background to the topics discussed, nor am I aware of the feelings of the average person in the street towards them (other than what I read on BS), so I found a lot of it difficult to relate to but that’s just me, I’m sure viewers in Ireland were well engaged with the discussion.

    I wonder if covering a less weighty topic at the end would lighten the mood and give the panellists a chance to show their wittier sides, as they didn’t really get much scope to do that in this session.

    Also, perhaps covering an issue that BS has been highlighting that is not getting enough coverage elsewhere might stimulate more interest than just covering what the mainstream are saying.

    Finally, you could make it a bit more interactive by announcing which topics you will be covering beforehand to generate interest and then picking up on any interesting comments while on air. Another way of making it more interactive could be to take suggestions on what people would like you to talk about, a bit like The Last Leg’s #isitok questions.

    I hope these suggestions are helpful :-)

  16. Andy Moore

    It’s seems a great concept , I hope it works out well ! I missed the 1st , I’d to see Billy Bragg on the beebs Question Time !!

  17. Anne

    Brilliant. Love it.

    My only criticism is it’s on a bit late and is a bit long.

    A bit more humour too would be good. That’d be easier if you had people on that you could take the p*ss out of in fairness. Any volunteers there? Kfc, Rotide perhaps?

  18. Shayna

    I kinda just loved it – it was like having a BS conversation in real-life? Admittedly, though I did watch it on Youtube, or whatever, later. I did wonder about commenters on BS – I know there is a certain hiding behind avatars and made up names. This is an opportunity to step behind the curtain…. if you’d watched you’ll understand. It was 6 guys, no women? I’m pretty sure that Frilly Keane is on, on Thursday night coming. Live “On The Telly”, am almost tempted to say, “Sure where would you get it?” It would appear I said it then?

  19. Paul Kelly

    Oh. My. god. This is horrific. This is like a scene from Derek. What were you guys thinking? Sad men sitting in front of computers giving out about mainstream media. Thank the lord we have ‘mainstream media’ and not this chimps tea party on a daily basis.

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