20 thoughts on “Hold Your Hour And Have Another

  1. Mr. Camomile T

    Perhaps I’m being a prude but I find this to be in poor taste. The drink killed the man, regardless of how ‘fond’ he was of it. Should we leave a syringe of heroin on Jim Morrison’s grave on his birthday?

    1. Tony

      Drink did not kill Behan. He killed himself – with drink.

      He loved the drink. The drink defined a lot of what he was about. You’d imagine he’d appreciate this tribute which most likely is intended to celebrate his life and not his death.Probably whoever put the pint there was thinking the same.

      So yeah maybe you’re being a bit of a prude in fairness.

    2. Rob_G

      I’m with you – this is like the bottles of vodka and crackpipes left outside Amy Winehouse’s house when she died.

    3. Clampers Outside!


      The family ain’t to keen on the constant association with drink neither.

      My +1 comes only due to hindsight…
      Completing a poster to commemorate the man as part of the Bealtaine Festival a couple of years ago, where a reading / short play was held in the pub of his fateful night, and we were asked not to picture him with a pint in his hand or the like of, on the poster for the event. So, we didn’t.
      We would have though… had we not been asked to do otherwise. We were of the same mind as Tony above…. as most people would be, I believe.

      (Pub is now called Harkin’s, on Echlin St)

      1. Praetorian

        Best bowl of beef stew you’ll ever get laughing gear around…it’s bleedin’ massive…doorstep batch bread on the side…go.

    4. Spaghetti Hoop

      I thinks it’s just a frivolous gift on his grave – and while you are technically correct, you’re entering into dangerous judgmental territory here. I don’t believe he, Kavanagh nor Myles na gCopaleen would have written the stuff they did without a rake of pints. But its the fact that some artists – literary or otherwise – kept the balance of drunken blackguardism and creativity, while others swiftly met their demise.

      1. Mr. Camomile T

        Recently watched a documentary about Myles and none of his acquaintances remembered his struggle with, and demise from, alcohol addiction with fondness. I understand the argument about creative output, but at a basic human level the alcohol addiction destroyed these men’s lives and heavily impacted the lives of their family and friends.

        1. Eamonn Clancy

          There were 3 Brendan Behans; the teenage poet rebel in Mountjoy of the 40s, the successful playwright of the 50s and the struggling writer and alcoholic of the 60s. Each and all worthy of a glass being raided on their birthday.

        2. Turgenev

          The idea that being drunk makes you a good writer is a nonsense that belongs back in the 1960s where it was popular.

      2. Murtles

        Absolutely Hoops, sure na gCopaleen was out of his tree half the time on drugs/drink and depending on what his nom de plume was that day (be it Myles, Flann, George, Brian or Brother Barnabus), it shaped his style of writing, all of which are fantastic. The Third Policeman is a great example of a book best read drunk.

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    Ah, was looking for an excuse for a gargle. Now the hard work, Brogan’s, Hogan’s or Grogan’s? Or maybe his old watering hole opposite the old Monument Creamery… Sure you’d have to.

  3. rugbylane

    Leaving a pint of Guiness on Brendan Behan’s grave is like leaving a fully loaded Mannlicher-Carcano rifle on President Kennedy’s grave.

    1. scottser

      you think only one gun killed kennedy?
      ergo, behan’s grave should have had a couple of thousand kegs left on it..

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