Clonmetal II: The Metallening



Lovely, filthy metal from Clonmel boys zhOra, with new tune Jettatura.

Recorded live to audio and video in Hi-Tone Studios, Balbriggan, and realised at 50fps, one of the first Irish music vids to go over the 30fps standard.

The proof is in the pudding.


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8 thoughts on “Clonmetal II: The Metallening

  1. Daddy

    “one of the first Irish music vids to go over the 30fps standard.”

    So not the first, therefore irrelevant.

    Is it a song about a dirty old late 90s Jetta turbo diesel, weighed down from a boot laden with bogger stuff?

  2. Rob_G

    Unless you’re doing artsy shots of falling water or something, the whole 30fps vs 50fps isn’t so relevant…

  3. rotide

    Just to be pedantic about things, 30fps is only ‘the standard’ if you’re american.

    If you’re european, its 25 fps. If you’re at the cinema, its 24fps.

    Youtube will play them all.

    On a less pedantic and more personal opinion-y note, shooting 50fps for 25fps playback is ridiculous and needs to stop being a thing. The Hobbit proved that by making The Shire look like Eastenders.

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