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The Junction Dome, Clonmel, county Tipperary

Free the first week in July?

Specifically Saturday, July 3–Sunday, July 11?

Read on.

Jean Kearney writes:

Clonmel Junction Arts Festival 2021 returns with an exciting new pop-up festival venue – the Junction Dome. In a programme featuring theatre, music, visual arts, literature and art trails, the festival explores the identity of Clonmel, with a feast of events both in town and online.

One of the main objectives is to provide a platform for the artists, musicians, and writers living and working in Clonmel. In the twenty years since the festival started, there have been so many visiting artists who have delighted audiences, but it has also given the local creative community a chance to shine

…A junction, a meeting point, a crossroads. The crossroads in mythology is a space between worlds – a magical place – and the Junction Arts Festival team hope that Clonmel will inspire, delight and surprise audiences…

Clonmel Junction Arts Festival


zhOraheading to Wacken, helping launch new metal night in Cork

What you may need to know…

01. Sludgy, progressive metal emerges from the Premier County in the form of beardy four-piece zhOra.

02. Formed in 2011, the band quickly set about getting on metal bills around the country, currying favourable comparison with the likes of Mastodon in reviews. 2012’s EP Feet Nailed to the Ground was a glimpse at some promising heft.

03. Streaming above in its entirety is the band’s last release, 2013’s Almaz. Mastered by the standard-bearer of stupidly heavy tones, James Plotkin (Khanate, OLD). 2014’s live set at the Siege of Limerick was also committed to ones and zeroes, and is available for free download here.

04. The boys recently won the annual W:O:A Metal Battle, pipping several other Irish metal outfits to a slot at the world’s biggest metal festival, Wacken Open Air. As a warm-up, the lads are taking to Cork’s UrbanJungle on July 9th, headlining the debut edition of Welcome to the Jungle, a new monthly metal night.

Verdict:  A well-deserved step onto a bigger stage for the Tipperary heftmongers. Here’s hoping it leads to further new material in due course.