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Colm Roddy

This afternoon.

Government Buildings, Merrion Street, Dublin 2

Activist Colm Roddy, a constant presence outside the Department of the Taoiseach, posts his feelings on the treatment of whistleblowers.

This afternoon’s Dáil proceedings are live here

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35 thoughts on “Roddy Or Not

  1. Eoin

    It’s a sad day when people need reminding that whistle blowers need to be protected and indeed cherished. They say democracy cannot exist without the fourth estate. And the media have failed so badly in this country, to shine a light on some of our more rotten institutions, that whistle blowers are now the only thing between us and loosing our democracy.

      1. Rob_G

        “derp-derp-derp apologist”

        – do you have anything substantive to add as to why you think they are a bad idea, or what might be a better way to conserve water and pay for water & waste services?

          1. jusayinlike

            There is now, everyone’s watching it that’s why fg fraperoom attendants like Rob G try and offset it with propaganda pieces like his lamentable offering above..

          2. Rob_G

            It’s coming into flooding season and Robs banging on about water conservation”

            my initial instincts were correct…

          3. jusayinlike

            A post highlighting garda corruption and your spouting propaganda about Irish water..

            Looks like my initial instincts about you being a fg fraperoom attendant are correct

          4. Rob_G

            Well, I brought it up on this post as I doubted that Broadsheet would give it its own dedicated post; am happy to continue to do battle with your less-than-rapier wit on such a post as soon as it arrives.

          5. Kieran NYC

            *You* must love FG since you’ve supported them by omission

            I’ve never actually voted for them, so you’ve given them more support than me.

            How does it feel to shoot yourself in the foot?

          6. jusayinlike

            Oh I forgot, your a “liberal” Kieran

            LOL.. GTFO even Hitler said he was a liberal

            right wing fraud

          7. Kieran NYC

            Presumably you wouldn’t have voted against Hitler because you don’t believe in voting.

            Aren’t you special.

            When are you going to figure out you’re the reason your life is so awful and hateful?

          8. jusayinlike

            You can presume anything you want you “liberal” charlatan..

            and than the usual cock and bull about being hate-filled, look at what you have replied to me, hypocrite

          9. rotide

            This was great gas altogether. wp lads.

            Particularly loved the flooding season comment. Waiting patiently for ‘sure it fall from the sky and you want me to pay for it?’

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