130 thoughts on “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

    1. ahjayzis

      There ARE arguments for metered water charges, but being progressive isn’t one of them.

      To be progressive a tax or charge by definition it must take account of earnings and ability to pay – ours, while we had it, didn’t.

      I mean neither does your ESB or Gas bill, but they’re not progressive either.

      Just FYI.

    2. Mr. T.

      “This guy is just a crank.”

      The standard retort of the centre right to people who oppose their policies.

      1. Owen

        No, just a standard approach to a repetitive trend. Although I agree with most of his protests, one has to ask why?

        1. MoyestWithExcitement

          Why what? Why protest? Conscience maybe? Getting other people to talk about what he’s protesting?

          1. Owen

            I’m all for protesting. I’m not criticizing his aim, but the method is not working. So I’d ask why? Why no try something more ‘progressive’.

          2. Mr. T.


            The elderly protesting against the removal of the medical card for over 70s worked.

            The ongoing water meter protests has delayed and undermined the proper registration and charging of water and has exposed the incompetence of IW.

            Protests against removal of discretion in the issuing of medical card for vulnerable people has worked. That plan was entirely abandoned.

            And not to mention lobbyists (corporate protesters you never see). They get legislation changed all the time to suit their interests.

        2. Gregor

          Why not! He looks for no credit, doesn’t put himself in the limelight, just lets his message or messages talk, and asks us to think

        1. Mr. T.

          That could be a defamatory remark. Don’t be so utterly mainstream to suggest a man who protests about a lot of issues has psychiatric problems.

        2. Chelo

          And your expert diagnose of this man is based on what? Having different points of view from you? Ideas? Ways of approaching things? Being more alive than you’ll ever be and ready to show how he feels? Different looks?Too quick to ‘psychologize’ anyone we are in our society…shame is a weapon of mass destruction.

        1. Fergus the magic postman

          Most (if not all) of his arguments are sound.
          If somebody takes a stand to demonstrate their opposition to government policies &/or government inaction &/ or government corruption and they are labelled a crank by people living under the same government, well then the people who are using that label are the ones who should take a look at themselves.

          The fact that certain protesters stand against many issues, demonstrate efficiently that there are many serious issues that need to be opposed in this country.

          1. salmon eile

            So. Anti-abortion guys who give support to campaigns against same sex marriage and any other conservative hobby horse are NOT cranks?

        2. Fergus the magic postman

          To be honest @salmon eile, those people are protesting against basic human rights, so I can think of a stronger term for them.
          I see how this makes my point seem a contradiction, however most protesters who are labelled cranks are protesting for basic justice & human rights, & they are labelled so by arrogant self righteous people who are happy with their own lot, & couldn’t care less about anyone else.

          1. Fergus the magic postman

            Well basic human rights are pretty obvious. Some opinions are just wrong (for example: the opinion that there is something wrong with homosexuals), and should not be taken as seriously as other opinions which are plainly right (such as the opinion that helping a country in its quest to torture people because they are brown & have beards is wrong).

          2. Andy Moore

            I protest against humans who refer to other humans as ”those people” & just show a pure selfish streak before they even write a sentence !! I’ve met Colm numerous times & he is sound as a bell & doing what many more 1000’s in the country should be doing !!

    3. well, tat's that

      Did he die or something? What’s the story? ‘BS collects enough picture of old man to justify post’?

    4. Bobby

      Oh Jonotti, I remember your comments from refugee topic.

      I’ve bumped in to Colm over the years. He’s a bright guy, intelligent and clued in, as well as holding progressive positions, being consistant all these years and being able to explain his ideas beyond the small signs you see him with.

      Lets have a quick look at the ludacrious ideas from the pictures:
      Opposition to water tax
      Opposition to nice treaty
      Opposition to USA military use of Shannon Warport/Opposition to torture
      Opposition to Iraq war
      Opposition to occupation of Palestine
      Opposition to IMF’s dictates
      Supporting Margaretta D’arcy

      Yeah seems fairly sound to me now all the same now. But maybe exploring alternative economies and relationships based on the idea of mutual aid and cooperation, you know.. trying to bring an institutional end to the nature of exploitation, competition and endless and miserable war and conflict, maybe all that just seems a bit unrealistic to some people.

    5. William O'Connor

      You Clearly need to Re Learn What Progressive means. Fool! He’s no Crank either Idiots who know nothing, should be quiet little sheep.
      You’re Argument is nonsensical and invalid.
      Perhaps your Audience can educate you.
      Insufferable little people like you, Serve only as further motivation to Stride for Our Rights.
      I March In Spite of little jumped up pricks like you.
      Attack me please. Im able to defend myself.
      Dont speak ill of a Man, Who’s Integrity is so far above anything youll ever achieve.
      You can only Bleat. He’s s Crank. Simplistic idiots like you make Ireland seem third world.
      Speak for yourself.

    1. Mr. T.

      Most likely a retired gentleman who cares about society more than career minded politicians (the career they are given AFTER politics by those they facilitated while in government).

    2. MoyestWithExcitement

      Jayzus. Why are you so offended by some aul fella going to protests and holding up signs?

      1. Owen

        Exactly, its not a progressive protester giving solutions. Its an aul fella holding up signs to no gain.

        1. Bobby

          No Owen. Perhaps because you’re not doing anything yourself around these areas is the reason you don’t know what he’s doing. He’s involved in campaigns and also goes out.

          You know activists and all that, they’re not on the news all the time, most of them are busy working away in their communities..

          1. Owen

            Thanks bobby. Yes, I do plenty myself, but more on the policy development and implementation side, not in Ireland any more. There is a step from protesting to practice (well, many steps), but without your comment regarding his prolonged involvement in campaigns, to me, on face value, this is a man holding up a few signs.

          2. Bobby

            Grand so, well I can clear it up for you now. He does more than holds signs on streets.

            Sometimes I’m even caught holding signs! No one has ever called me out on it before though..

      2. Ban Doyle

        I’m not offended about him being either

        a) old
        b) protesting or
        c) holding up signs

        I just think he should get a fupping job. Even if he’s retired – could he not work in a soup kitchen or somewhere he could make a meaningful difference? Why does it all have to be about him out standing where he’s bound to get photographed or filmed?

        1. Buzz

          Projection much. I doubt he gives a flying fupp about being photographed or filmed, except insofar as it advances his cause.

    3. Sam

      Why would he have a job at his age? He’s retired, and he is a very capable, resourceful man, with decency and manners, and still able to get around at a fair pace (used to run marathons in his younger days.)
      When you have even half of the integrity that he does, then talk to me.

  1. Pablo Pistachio

    Ah yes in come the government shills.

    We should all just keep our heads down say nothing, don’t upset our dear leaders. When you’re on your death beds you can die happy knowing you did absolutely nothing with your life.
    Leave the running of the country to the likes of Kenny, Lowry and their mate O’Brien. We’re in safe hands boys.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      I’ve been shrilling for government now so long I cannot detect sarcasm is what you wrote there sarcasm?

      1. Fergus the magic postman

        You mean you’re not paid for all that brown nosing & bending over?
        You are to be commended on the sheer relentlessness of your pitch for such a job.

        1. rotide

          He got twice as many replies in his previous guise. He’s better at it than most others round here are at their actual jobs

  2. phil

    I’m impressed by his diligence , there are plenty of things I felt like protesting , but I discovered I’m just a lazy worthless keyboard warrior , no use to any society.

    And to those who call him a bum with no job, is there any chance he is retired ? and genuinely cares and want to better our society?

    1. Ban Doyle

      he looks like a bum to me – how will he convince any one of any of these ’causes’ looking like that?

      even if he retired, and/or be in receipt of a pension, he could volunteer to do something useful instead of being a public nuisance which is what he is to our public representatives just trying to do their jobs

      If he really cares as you put it, he would do something useful rather than clutter up the sidewalk in silly costumes mounting egotistical “protests” which achieve absolutely nothing

      1. Mouldy

        Maybe that’s the best he can do, maybe that’s just as respectable as he can make himself, or maybe he’s got other things to care about… It’s impressive that he still out there and deserves the right to have something to say. Sure, I don’t agree with it all but there is far too much complacency and ignoring of the little guy.

        1. salmon eile

          Protest like this only serves to belittle the “little guy”

          To get heard the “little guy” needs to look serious

          1. All the good ones fly south for winter

            So Grumpy thought. But he’s not called Serious. So that did not work.

      2. ahjayzis

        I tend to think I’d more readily believe what a man in a burlap sack said over a man in a fancy suit.

          1. ahjayzis

            Toooootally would. I’ve always hated suits and people who think they somehow will make me take them more seriously. I don’t understand why no one else thinks it’s weird all the men in the Dail are wearing the same thing. If anything I take them less seriously. Though in fairness in my profession if you’re wearing a suit you’re compensating for a lack of something else.

          2. ahjayzis

            Those too, but usually talent.

            I go to job interviews in a t-shirt, because if I don’t get it on the strength of my portfolio I don’t want it. I’ve seen senior partners roll their eyes at a 23 year old in for an interview dressed like a banker >_<

          3. pedeyw

            It all depends on the industry. Not everywhere demands a suit. I personally think they’re pointless things but I’m happy to wear them at funerals and weddings for the sake of others.

          4. rotide

            Ahjaysis, that sh1te is what gives ‘creatives’ a bad name.

            I don’t have to wear a suit either. Don’t want to and don’t plan to. Nothing wrong with people who have to or want to though.

            Do you stand at a bar supping your Sparrows Elbow Old Reserve looking down your nose at the coors drinkers too?

          5. Ban Doyle

            Nobody said anything about him wearing a suit Ahj – the presumption there is yours that wearing a suit confers respectability. He could just go smart casual.

        1. Peter Dempsey

          AHJ – you’re still giving out about suits!? That’s pretty infantile. Judging people on what they wear is appalling.

      3. MoyestWithExcitement

        “instead of being a public nuisance which is what he is to our public representatives just trying to do their jobs”

        FFS. “Public nuisance”. That’s some reaching you’re doing. What, they have to see a sign on their way to work? The poor dears.

          1. Bonkers

            +1 I actually think his protests are quite clever. If he was shouting his message right behind Enda Kenny through a megaphone he’d be quickly ushered away by the two Garda detectives that walk him to work every day. What would be the point in that?

            Instead he comes up with one-liner protest signs and stands there with a dignified silence. His message gets out to hundreds of thousands of people via the RTE News. Irrespective of whether people agree with his message he still manages to get it out there on the Six O’Clock news when everyone is watching. He is the quintessential guerilla marketeer.

      4. Bobby

        Ban Doyle living in a fantasy land thinks politicians should be left to ‘do their jobs’. You see Ban this is where people like me disagree with people like you. First of all, since only a fraction of people are registered, and then a fraction of them actually bother to vote, and a fraction of that goes to the government parties, I would disagree that those people are far from anything that represent ordinary people in this society and I’m not a fan of those people being refered to as ‘ours’. A deputy to the Dail isn’t a public representative, it’s just that, a deputy in the houses of the Oireachtas.

        As for being left to do their jobs. Since that has been facilitating an unprecedented transfer of wealth from social services and public industry in to the accounts of private, tax-avoiding billionares; cutting of services provding child-care, suicide prevention, mental and physical health support etc. They’ve also invented an unconstitutional (not that that stuff matters anyway) heirarchy and centralisation of power in the parliment, degrading the Irish State’s democracy. There isn’t even a functioning cabinet in the Irish state, it’s controlled by the new shiny Economic Management Council, don’t know what it is? Google it.

        Soz, but no way way I letting that pathetic comment go..

        1. Lilly

          In Ban Doyle’s world, it’s all about appearances – ‘looking like that’ – a triumph of form over substance.

          1. Buzz

            So you can tell he’s unwashed just by looking at photos online? You must have supernatural powers. People with beards tend not to shave every morning, what’s your point? My guess is he’s worth ten of you, primped and shaven, fabulous you who wouldn’t dream of standing out in the cold to effect social change.

        2. Ban Doyle

          Bobby, wealth transfer is not unprecedented and your tarring all political acts in this way renders your commentary at the bile-flecked level of inappropriateness.

      5. Sam

        Oh, Ban D, bandy, bandy, you’re a right crank. How do you know what he does with his spare time? Besides being a father and volunteer, and many other things, you couldn’t know about from behind your keyboard he is certainly not keeping our ‘hardworking honest politicians from doing their jobs’. The w@nkweasels should be hounded everyday, and it’s no fault of Mr. Roddy that most people would rather cry into their pints or bloviate online than actually confront the feckers.

  3. Mr. T.

    It seems any form of protest at all these days is now sneered at and ridiculed by cheerleaders of Fine Gael.

    These little self regarding brats need to be reminded what a democracy is and that it belongs to all citizens of all socio economic levels.

        1. J

          Mr T , you are suffocating me with your pathos. Your right to peaceful protest still stands. The question of whether it constitutes effective action is still open for debate.

  4. Eoin

    I’m seriously considering quitting my job and joining him full time. He just wants a better Ireland and so do I.

  5. mike

    So we can see what is agin.

    But what is he “for”? The dole, I bet. Doesn’t look old enough to be retired in the earlier photos. So he can protest on behalf of the rest of us, while we pay the taxes to keep him on the dole.

    1. Seriously

      Firstly, the man is 73. So he probably was of retirement age in most, if not all, of those pictures.

      Secondly, how do you know his socio-economic status from those photos?
      How do you know he’s ever drawn the dole? The man could have inherited a fortune and you’d never know.

      Why do you assume he’s on the dole? Can rich people not protest? Are protesters all just the great unwashed?

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Because protesters subconsciously remind him he’s done nothing himself and so he needs to belittle the chap to make himself feel better about doing nothing so he makes the dole comment because anyone who’s on the dole is useless and lazy as far as he’s concerned?

        1. Neilo

          He’s a bit of an aul’ crackpot with a lot of opinions I don’t share – but that’s cool as I’m a slightly younger crackpot. Doing no harm: leave him to it.

    1. Sam

      You should stop and chat. I’ve known him for years, he’s of very sound mind and a true gent. Good sense of humour too.

  6. Emma-Jane Dempsey

    There are some seriously f’d up people in the comments in here. These ‘all about me’ opinions are like old school Celtic tiger BS. If I’m ok screw everyone else. Mock others who are trying their best to make things better for the ones who are NOT ok. It’s so warped

    1. honestpolitician

      well said Emma, you won’t get a blast of the warmth of humanity reading the comments here

      1. J

        Emma on the left, preaching from the pulpit V Jonotti on the right, all schoolboy snarky in the pews.
        Who is having more fun?

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          The scamps outside having a smoke against the back wall who just need to know that Emma said mass.

  7. Truth in the News

    Is he not telling the truth that demolishes all the spin, what about all the spin
    in RTE last week.

  8. Tom

    Please Government spin noobs stop being patronising know it alls, it gives it away that your shills that get paid for doing feck all cause your brainless idiots who divide and conquer deflect generalise stereotype. Just to make a few euro and have a stable job. Hows your moral compass? These idiots are usually employed because they cant think for themselves there just smart enough to live in a bubble and brown nose the hole of their paymaster.

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