‘Nóirín Decided To Ring Him And Have A Good Chat About It’


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Earlier this afternoon.

During Leaders’ Questions, Independents 4 Change TD Mick Wallace named other Garda whistleblowers.

He also claimed that, in early 2014, a journalist contacted Supt Dave Taylor, to tell him that he had been in contact with the family of the girl at the centre of the false abuse allegation against Sgt McCabe.

Mr Wallace said the journalist told Supt Taylor “he had a great story and that it was going to be really damaging for McCabe”. Mr Wallace also said, following this conversation, Supt Taylor contacted both Martin Callinan and Noirin O’Sullivan.

From Mr Wallace’s speech in the Dáil…

“Taoiseach, I think the public inquiry should have a disciplinary, a criminal investigation running in parallel, run by people, policed from outside the country. A lot of bad things have happened.

“You said there Taoiseach that everybody has the presumption of innocence. You’ve a short memory. For several years, according to the Fine Gael government, Maurice McCabe was guilty until proven innocent.”

Noirin O’Sullivan talked yesterday of a campaign of false accusations against her. Is she saying that Maurice McCabe was lying? David Taylor? Keith Harrison? Nick Keogh? Sinead Killian? Eve Doherty? Dermot O’Connell? And others? Are they all liars?”

“If she genuinely didn’t know how whistleblowers were treated. If she genuinely didn’t, she’s not fit for the job anyway, if she didn’t know what was going on in the force.

“With the O’Higgins inquiry, she instructed her legal team to give false evidence to the inquiry until Maurice McCabe’s tape turned it upside down. If she was innocent, why didn’t she sanction or discipline the two guards involved? Why? It’s a long time ago?

“How can you explain how Nick Keogh – when he reports Garda involvement in the heroin trade in Athlone, how come he faced five internal investigations in that same year and none before that? Why?”

“And the superintendent that Nick Keogh accused of bullying and harassing him, why was he put on the promotion list? Why”

“In 2014, the Garda Commissioner appointed an Assistant Commissioner to look at Keith Harrison’s complaint and the Assistant Commissioner leaked information back to the Superintendent that the subject of the complaint.

“And then, on foot of a different complaint, involving the very same superintendent, the same Assistant Commissioner was asked to carry out an investigation.

“And, if all that wasn’t bad enough, when GSOC, following its investigation into the second matter, asked for disciplinary proceedings to be taken against  An Garda Siochana, who does Noirin appoint over it? You’d never guess: the same Assistant Commissioner.”

“A journalist contacted David Taylor in early 2014. He was press officer. The journalist told him that he’d been to the family of the girl at the centre of the sexual allegations of Maurice McCabe. He told her that he had a great story and that it was going to be really damaging for McCabe. Taylor texted [Martin] Callinan, texted [Noirin] O’Sullivan and told them the good news.”

Callinan texted him, to welcome it. Noirin decided to ring him and have a good chat about it. A good chat about it. Now minister, Taoiseach, this is the woman who said, a couple of weeks ago, on the Sean O’Rourke programme, ‘I’ve absolutely no knowledge, nor was I privy to any campaign to undermine any individual in An Garda Siochana’.”

“The press officer, David Taylor, who was given back his job yesterday, said, this is a quote, ‘everybody in headquarters knew about the campaign against Maurice McCabe’. Everybody, seemingly Taoiseach, except Noirin. What do you think?”

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33 thoughts on “‘Nóirín Decided To Ring Him And Have A Good Chat About It’

    1. Kdoc

      Indeed. I doubt if there is anyone, other than perhaps some close relatives and some friends, who believe her version of the story.

  1. Daddy

    Quick Fine Gaelers, say something about the VAT he owes and hope that negates all the corruption he has uncovered.

  2. phil

    Time to reach into the crisis file and throw out another distraction, but do they have a short lived crisis that can drown out the current …

    1. nellyb

      That shower is lucky no hacker gives a hack about them. Or they would have read their queens english on wikileaks

  3. Ivor

    But the hair? The accent? The t-shirt?

    We must dismiss Wallace as a populist, culchie protester regardless of the logic of his arguments.

    If was lovely Leo Vradkar now, that might be a different matter.

      1. Anomanomanom

        Dav, who right now do you think should run the country. None of your normal poo, just an easy answer. Oh and if it helps you, no I won’t be voting Fg, so this is not a pro(insert colour of choice) shirt post

  4. Brother Barnabas

    This is the sort of stuff that’s been going on since the foundation of the state – but it’s only now that we have representatives like Wallace, Daly, Murphy etc to expose it and take a stand.

    Patriotism and courage.

  5. Walter-Ego

    Where is Dave Taylors phones? Surely proof of these conversations are on them? Or did Noirins husband ‘clerical errored’ them.

  6. nellyb

    This by Zachary Wolf is quite applicable to Enda Kenny talking about McCabe’s ‘situation’:

    “What does he mean when he says words? Does he mean the words or does he mean something sort of like the words, you know? And it’s been difficult to cover him as a journalist. And you can imagine as a foreign leader where English is your second language and you don’t understand maybe the bravado behind the things —


    It’s about Trump, but he only upped the ‘stroke talk’ game our lot has been playing.

  7. Leopold Gloom

    There’s been a lot of things worth protesting about, or supporting in the past few years. Some more than others. Some movements have mobilised very well, but none have really caught the attention of everyone beyond the spheres of saying they supported it, tweeting, etc etc. I am guilty of supporting many of these thigns from a distance, and anonymously on here.

    This however is something that we should all, all have a mass effort at protesting outside Leinster House, the various Depts, TDs and Council offices aroudn the country and Garda HQ in the park.

    This should bring down anyone who has served in government or has had any whiff of involvement in the last 10-15 years if not more. Kenny should go, Zappone should go, Fitzgerald should go. O’Sullivan and her husband should go, her predecessor should be ripped of his pension. Criminal prosecutions should follow.

    It will all wash over, people will forget, but it shouldn’t. There should be millions marching

  8. Kolmo

    It looks like some politicians are afraid of the Gardaí…false allegations of child sexual abuse were made against someone who highlighted irregularities/criminality within the force – the expenditure of time and effort put into putting the frightners on McCabe is horrifying – but it isn’t being discussed, everyone knows it was known, everyone, we don’t need a tribunal or whatever – it’s now a traditional Irish circus of waffle and distraction.

    Government will fall, if I were a betting man.

    1. martco


      they got shown what happens if you get too schmaart when they tried to do Clare Daly for drink driving

      I imagine most of them have some things of interest going on they’d like to keep to themselves….lots of bodies buried all over gaff. I’d say not many as fearless as Mick Wallace for example

      the question is if we have a subversive police force (and I mean the rot at the top and any other unknown squads within not your average Garda) running their own show what are WE going to do about it? Has this issue existed since the formation of the state, grandfathers deep??

      Are they to be disbanded at some level, a new modern architecture installed?

      I don’t think the TD’s can just magic up an answer by themselves, they may be personally as powerless as us right now but they are just our representatives don’t forget. It’s up to us.

      Public protest is a minimum

  9. The Real Chris

    But Noirin is ‘innocent’, though innocence can usually be used for describing children and those without responsibility but not usually a concept applied to top ranking Gardai. What happened to ‘competence’, should it not be a question of competence? What does innocence have to do with anything here. You can tie up a tribunal for years pursuing guilt over innocence, what about a hearing of competency? If you claim you don’t know, didn’t know or simply can’t establish what was going you’re incompetent and you should be out. You can be innocent somewhere else away from responsibility.

  10. Sancho

    Are they stupid enough to think they can ride this wave out? It seems they are. This is going to bring down the Gov, without a doubt. Wherever you stand on things, to see leak after leak come out now and still think that Noreen could possible survive is horribly naïve at best. Enda’s been caught making a “mistake” now too… He’s in trouble. Fitzgerald is next. They’re done.

    I mean seriously, just to be totally agnostic for a moment, you’ve got to know when someone is finished, when the game is up. If you don’t have that skill, you’ve no hope. I kinda feel for poor ol’ Stephen Donnelly… He made that jump too close to an election. He’s hasn’t had time to make amends and let people begin to begin to forget. He’s not going to get back in.

  11. Anne

    I heard Paul Murphy say Dave Taylor said he got a text from O Sullivan saying “perfect”. I might ask him to clarify.

    Either way she’s fupped..text or phonecall as she’s been doing a Manuel on it. ‘I know nothing’
    The bullsh*tter.

  12. :-Joe

    The police, defense, security services etc. of any country are a reflection of the political class and governenance which in turn is a reflection of the voting public and how active citizens are in taking responsibilty for allowing democracy to flourish.

    Power breeds corruption, absolute power corrupts absolutely et al… and people need to remember that the main focus and purpose of any police force is not to uphold the law as a force for justice but rather to enforce the will of the government and if necessary beat the living sh1t out of the public if they fail to comply with what the system wants to have happening under any circumstance and at any given moment in time.

    Similar to the fake notion of capatalism people seem to believe we have, any form of real democracy can only truly flourish when there is proper legislation, extensive oversight and a willingness by the public to keep watch and protect the incremental gains while further step by step progress is made.

    While blaming the guards and the government don’t forget to blame us too, the citizens.

    Anyone remember this for example? ….

    Joe Doocey – Garda corruption destroyed my life.

    As this story broke it was not unusual that many citizens openly went out of their way and accused him and integrity Ireland of being a bunch conspiracy loons…. It makes me wonder where the real source and higher echelon of our problems lie.

    Forget about the 1% vs the 99%, I’m more in fear of the decision making of the 60% who are somehow able to vote for the same auld, same auld… 5 steps forward and 4 steps backwards…

    Anyway, g’wan the mighty Mick Wallace. Hat tip to you sir and all in the so called “looney left”..

    If this is looney then I say, thank god for mental illness..


  13. Colm

    The whole justice is top heavy with relatives and pals of TD’s , from the dpp’ss office, AG’s office, Guards and Judiciary , its corrupt to the core

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