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Look at that for a touring itinerary.

Cork/Wexford-based promotion/booking company Merakindie has a March/April jaunt lined up for three solo artists: Paula Cox, Paul Creane and The Man Whom, with a long and detailed list of non-traditional performance spaces alongside venues and theatres in uncommonly-toured towns.

Writes Emma Kelly:

“Although not exclusive to non-traditional music venues, we are choosing to put on shows in those special local independently run businesses who are keen be involved and support the indie culture of Ireland. This tour is all about community and collaboration, and is reflected by the artists themselves, who will be singing on each other’s material. By doing things this way, we want to shine a positive light on independent Ireland.”

Your thoughts on music outside of the main cities in Ireland, and your favourite non-venue music spots below, please.


6 thoughts on “Touring Ireland

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Two things. You can get a fada on an E by pressing Alt Gr.
    Second, it’s Connolly’s of Leap.

  2. Happy Molloy

    Don’t know any of those musicians but good work from the promoting/booking company.

    It’s much to difficult to hear original music live in this country. Originals are often crap which is why they’re not successful to be fair but when you see something good, it’s worth all the crap.

    1. Catherine

      Happy, you should check out their individual facebook pages, etc. You might like what you hear!! Part of the difficulty for emerging artists is in getting gigs in more “established” venues…
      And I for one, highly recommend this gig!!

  3. Enter Sandman

    Brilliant Mike and Emma

    Fair fupping play

    There is a spot in Naas as well that does occasional gigs. It’s called Alice’s Restaurant

    She doesn’t even advertise them except through her mailing list

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