Attempt To Block


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Minister for Finance Michael Noonan


In the Sunday Business Post.

Further to the newspaper’s report last week that the Minister for Finance Michael Noonan, the Department of Finance and Nama have been heavily criticised in a draft report by the Public Accounts Committee – in relation to Nama’s sale of its Northern Ireland loan book, known as Project Eagle…

And that, specifically, it was “not appropriate” for Noonan or Nama to meet with Cerberus the day before the Project Eagle bid closing date…

Jack Horgan-Jones and Hugh O’Connell reported:

Noonan has rebutted the finding, contained in the committee’s draft working paper and published by this newspaper last week, that it was “not appropriate” for him to meet with the US fund prior to its €1.6 billion purchase of Nama’s Northern portfolio. The draft said this could be perceived as “special treatment”.

…In a letter to the committee last week, Noonan expressed “great concern” over the draft findings, saying they were “extremely damaging” to him. He maintains that the meetings were not inappropriate and that he was never given a right of reply.

But committee members are doubling down this weekend. “Everybody agrees the fact that he met them is a problem. Everybody understands. Nobody can say it was a good idea to meet Cerberus on the day of the bids,” a PAC source said.

“The point of that whole meeting, the potential impression that meeting gave, will remain in [the report] . . . The essence of that meeting happening at that time and the impression of that meeting and having such access at that critical time will be in the final report.”

Another committee source said that while the language around the finding may change, it is extremely unlikely to be removed altogether.

Fine Gael TDs on the committee have indicated they will attempt to block any report which states that Noonan did not act appropriately.

PAC stands firm over criticism of Noonan-Cerberus meeting (Jack Horgan-Jones, Hugh O’Connell, The Sunday Business Post)


25 thoughts on “Attempt To Block

      1. Topsy

        Did u not know that until now. This was known 20 years ago when he tried to destroy Brigid McCole (rip).
        A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Once a shjtehawk always a shjtehawk.

          I’ll admit, I didn’t know about the Bridget McCole thing, mostly because I was younger then I found politics to be as interesting as watching water evaporating.

          I only read about that in the past couple of years, but it only confirmed what we all know to be true.

  1. Daddy

    He acts and speaks as though he operates independently of Government and therefore, undemocratically. It really appears that he’s really the Minister for Nama and that the rest of the staff in the DoF are looking after the ACTUAL financing of the state.

    His bored and condescending tone in interviews is very disrespectful.

    1. Daddy

      Because he’s too old to be a Minister for Finance. He should have the grace to step down. He’s not well enough for the job.

  2. 15p

    he’s unreal. he complained because the report is damaging to him .. the report based on facts of what he did. no shame at all,out in the open saying “im workin outside the rules, and how dare you pull me up on it”

  3. Joe Small

    Whatever about his culpability or otherwise, I think the ageist remarks here are pretty nasty. He’s the same age as my dad. I’d floor anyone who made such personal spiteful remarks about my dad.

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        And a shjtehawk.

        It’s not his age I’ve an issue with, (though if he isn’t well enough to do the job, he should step aside, for his own wellbeing at least) I’ve an issue with the fact that he’s a soulless arsehat, with little-to-no apparent conscience.

        There is a difference.

    1. Fairhill

      Joe, I’d just like to say yer da is not a rice crispy head, and any inference that he is are in error

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