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  1. isallimsaying

    You gotta show him these. Seriously. He’d be impressed. Very, very impressed. They are really, really tremendous. Seriously. Incredibly tremendous.

    1. AssPants

      Of course there won’t be any mocking or online bullying of Hillary; that would only be a fair and balanced view of the presidential candidates….. also Hillary never did anything wrong, she just set-up a secret server to manage emails and spoke for countless financial and corporate institutions on with subliminal messaging about how they can help her and she help them. Trump on the other hand, people just don’t like him and that is so much more serious an offense.

      Something extremely odd seems to have happened online; it seems to be socially acceptable to post multiples of thousands of hostile and offensive comments, remarks, pictures and any other form of abuse against Donald Trump, Remember before the “anti-trump” campaigners crawl all over this comment, he is a human being, just like Hillary Clinton and just like the person/s who created the pictures above.

      When did cyber-bullying become so acceptable…..?

      1. Junkface

        Oh Lord! Get a grip. Trump has spent his entire career bullying people on TV then online, not paying small businesses for work done, discriminating against people of colour with regards to housing. I think the whole world deserves the right to humiliate him as often as possible online until he quits his shambolic presidency. He’s a walking gas bag and a total pig

        1. martco

          oh yea completely forgot about his apartment racist scandal thing in the 70’s

          pig is a good description alrite

      2. edalicious

        “Presidential candidates”? You’re a couple of months late, there, AssPants. Anyway, there was constant mocking of Hillary throughout the run-up to the election. You’re so wrong, in fact, that I believe you might be a Poe.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          I wish the deluded nonsense of the left could be described as ‘poe’…. unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any parody to the accusation of “nazi”.
          The left actually believe it…. they being BS’s resident hysterical types like Nigel and all the other chorus line of regressives who were calling everyone and anyone who disagreed with them a nazi… at the time of elections, and the weeks following…

          Ain’t that right… I mean, ain’t that correct.

          Hail Kek!
          Free Kekistan! …or something.

          1. NNigel

            FYI and mostly to illustrate Clamper’s credibility but I’m pretty sure I never called anyone a Nazi here.

      3. Starina

        trump’s staff are/were using unencrypted personal emails, he insists on using an unsafe android phone and he dealt with a nuclear crisis by using a mobile phone light to read the documents in front of facebook-wielding guests and waiters? but hilary’s emails. sure. yeah.

      4. Nigel

        He is one of the most powerful people in the world. Spare a though for the people his policies are adversely affecting. They’re human, too. Cyber-bullying became ‘acceptable’ when death treats, rape threats, bomb threats, and doxxing were routinely directed against mostly, but not exclusively, female internet users, while people like you got on their high horses of moral outrage about things like silly pictures of Donald Trump.

  2. AssPants

    So there you go…. the cyber bullying continues in full health…. as I said, the majority of people pass criticism and hostility based upon their personal opinion of Big Don and that of RTE and Matt Copper.

    I particularly love this comment:
    “Well done you for standing up for this gentle, vulnerable, misunderstood man.”

    I don’t recall extending support in my comment above, rather a curiosity as to why it continues to be socially acceptable to cyber bully this individual. So when your children come home and explain they are being cyber bullied, then advise them that they must be acting like a “gas bag and total pig”; as according to “Junkface” this is enough of a reason to bully somebody.

    Great stuff….. :)

    1. Starina

      he’s a public figure, not a schoolchild. you seem to misunderstand the definition of the term “cyberbullying”…or is it cyberbullying to say so?

    2. Junkface

      The poor Billionaire narcissist. All of the world’s saddest violins are playing for him.

      Trump does not deserve to be treated as a ‘somebody’. He’s already proven that. And stop getting hysterical with the “think of the children!” line Helen Lovejoy. This is the man who brought politics to a new low with his famous line “grab em by the pussy”, what kind of example to the children is that?
      Mocking would be Fascists with comedy and satire is an important part of politics and free speech.

    3. ahjayzis

      The guy mocks disabled people, questions peoples honesty based on their ethnicity, thinks all black people know one another and grabs women by the pussy.

      This allows us to call him a piggy eyed, small handed, orange, rat-tailed, tiny dicked whiny little bitch.


    4. ReproBertie

      AssPants, what made you stand up to cyber bullying in this particular thread rather than, say, today’s thread about Michael Noonan?

      1. AssPants


        I don’t give two damns about Donal Trump. What I have a real problem is with the Global acceptability from all sections of society and main stream media to facilitate and host hostile comments and genuine hatred for the individual; yet currently and in recent weeks there has being a national discussion on cyber bullying and the worry of the effect this is having on children. From RTE to Matt Cooper (whom appears to have a particular distaste and has in recent weeks provided hours of his and others opinion on the individual) so much that I swtich over the station so often I have taken it off preset.

        Yet in the meantime, the parents of say those debaters will post such script you see here.

        It stinks of hypocrisy.

        The pictures are flipp’n hilarious………. but and I don’t like to qualify a comment; there is a bad taste to it. In my opinion focus on the merits or faults of his work, not your personal opinion or school yard bullying.

        I hope that gives an insight as to what I was exploring.

        1. ReproBertie

          I get what you’re saying but I think there’s a marked difference between mocking Trump for the likes of his Sweden attack or his “Fake News” mantra and tweeting an actress about her weight, for example. Satire and caricature have been a part of political discourse since political discourse began. Let us not forget that Trump spent months talking about “crooked Hilary” and years before that in a racially driven campaign against Obama. He was happy to dish it out and as you sow so shall you reap.

          There is, of course, an element of impotent rage in this too as it is unlikely that any of us will ever get to tell him to his face that he is a racist, sexist, isolationist bully in the pocket of Putin.

          1. Nothing Else Matters

            No it isn’t. If he ever comes to this country or I’m in New York or Washington I’m going to make it my business to tell him exactly that

    5. Nigel

      The mockery of the rich and powerful is the consolation and prerogative of the disenfanchised and powerless, and can run from spot-on satire, to silly, like this, to stupid and abusive. We don’t have to like or agree with all of it, but we don’t have to seek it out to criticise, either. If you wee truly concerned about cyber-bullying, you would not start here. If you truly thought this crossed a line, ‘cyber-bullying’ wouldn’t even be the appropriate term for it. To complain about cyber-bullying in this context looks suspiciously like an attack disguised as a defence.

    1. Starina

      is…is that how short you think michael d is? like tiny trump short?! he’s not an *actual* house elf, i’m sad to say.

  3. Murtles

    “gas bag and total pig” could be taken as suppositions so let’s deal in fact. The man is a narcissistic, misogynistic, racist who is a pathological liar and a bully and has no place in a position of power whosoever as he is dangerous. As I haven’t conveyed my thoughts to directly Mr Trump in any form of electronic communication or through his social media, nor are any my thoughts of a threatening or intimidating nature, this is not cyber bullying.

  4. Leopold Gloom

    Hey, I commented that this was already on Reddit, and eatliver just compiled them and that this is just another example of meh from BS. Yet that comment was moderated out of existence and reddit got the creddit

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