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German educational design studio Kurzgesagt turns to a sobering truth of astrophysics: the fact that 94% of the observable Universe is so far from us that we will never go there, even if we achieve light-speed travel. To wit:

…there is a cosmological horizon around us. Everything beyond it, is traveling faster, relative to us, than the speed of light. So everything that passes the horizon, is irretrievably out of reach forever and we will never be able to interact with it again. In a sense it’s like a black hole’s event horizon, but all around us. 94% of the galaxies we can see today have already passed it and are lost to us forever.

And if that twists your melon, consider this: by the time you’ve watched the video, 22 million more stars will have drifted off beyond our reach.


MetaBallStudios returns with an update of their 2015 starship size comparison adding new fantasy craft into the mix: from the tiny Hocotate ship of the Pikmin to Larry Niven’s not terribly small Ringworld.

And if you liked that, you’ll probably want to see this.

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A high-end, 1/6th scale figure of everyone’s favourite bounty hunter and star of the best offering from the Star Wars universe since ‘Rogue One’. Complete with blaster, Amban sniper rifle, flame thrower gauntlet, multiple points of articulation and The Child (aka ‘Baby Yoda’).

Yours for €72+ from Medicom.

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(*Is what the headline would read if this was December 2020)



Earth gets pelted by tiny rocks all the time, but every so often, a real whopper hoves into view (and hopefully glides past).

To put all this into context, here’s a terrifying new size comparison from masters of same, MetaBall Studios.

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