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  1. postmanpat

    14 euro for a burger? Great value! That it , I’m not standing up for those Happy Pear boys anymore. It back to meat eating for me! 14 euros for a burger with free extra connective tissue, filler, high blood pressure AND cholesterol ? Think of the savings!!! drool!!

  2. The Real Chris

    What do you want it for, a hapenny? Two bits? What minuscule price would satisfy your thirst for 1930s priced beverages.

  3. Grandthanksmasterflash

    Guess what doesn’t cost €1.50?
    Dublin City council rates, rent on Stephens Green and in most cases, staff.

      1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

        It’s free for the customer, as long as you’re ordering something billable. I’ve yet to hear of an establishment in this country that charges for tap water.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Still or sparkling?

          If they don’t offer tap, I order tap even when I want sparkling because it annoys me. I really enjoy stickin’ it to the man, me.

  4. Rob_G

    “Always check the menu/ask the price of things” – Emily, you have learned a very valuable lesson, and it only cost you €2.50

    1. ivan

      Oh I don’t know about that; I mean, you expect an Aero to be around the €1.20 mark and one doesn’t ask in every ruddy shop ‘how much is in Aero’ just in case they’re going to charge you fifty quid for it.

      Similarly, I’d think one can have a a legitimate-ish expectation that a dash of lime isn’t gonna cost two Euro….

      1. Custo

        But if someone went in, only ordered a pint of tap water with a dash of lime and sat there for 30 minutes enjoying the television. warmth, lights, atmosphere, toilet facilities and probably wifi, is 2 quid not quite a good deal?

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          They should have a dash for a drink price and a dash for a tightass who’s ordering water with a dash price. 20c for the first, €5 for the second.

          1. Custo

            What if I wanted a pint of Guinness, and I was going to leave after that. But my friend wanted to position himself at the bar and drink Guinness all night. Should mine cost twenty euro?

        1. ivan

          correct, though there’s a reason

          Aero is one of the few commonly available chocolate bars coeliacs can eat without worry. Them and Fruit Pastilles. Truly gluten free as opposed to containing no potentially gluteny bits.

          you’re glad you said anything, aren’t you :-)

        2. Kieran NYC

          Found a place over here that does Aeros and a few other UK/Irish chocolate bars

          Made the mistake of telling other Irish people and now I’m given requests each week :)

          Mint Aero. Nom.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        Thing is, I like a nice burger. I’ve come to the stage when I can’t be bothered with jus de this and foam de that. I just want a nice burger. And I’ll pay 14 snots for it.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I am. I even watched Marcus Wareing do it. Secret is to cool the onions before you add them to the meat or else the meat will cook unevenly.
            But I like someone else cooking for me too.

  5. sillymoo

    Only €2.50 for a baby! Had I known I could have spared myself 9 months of resembling a baby elephant & 12 hours of labour

      1. sillymoo

        Trust me I wasn’t! Imagine demonic baby elephant partial to hormone fuelled rages & constant vomiting, not so cute now eh?

      1. postmanpat

        What’s gourmet about a burger? After the cow organs (the best nutrition part,) you have the meat cuts. (Steaks . t-bones and the like, okay nutrition …. maybe) Then you have the burgers, made up from the minced up leftover parts mixed with binding agents. (keep you going until you slaughter the next cow in your farm) The way to get around this is charge 10 euros+ and to stick the word “gourmet” in front of it. Some people really have poor taste. Jesus . if our ancestors only knew the crap passed as food theses days , and posh food at that…. 14 euro for 50c worth of meat. to each their own! At this rate we will have gourmet bread and dripping for €20.

        1. Kieran NYC

          You’re skipping the part where someone comes up with a recipe to make it extra nice and then makes it for you.

          That and literally no one is forcing you or anyone else to order it.

          Let people enjoy things.

    1. Daddy

      “a lot of gourmet pub burgers are heading towards the €16 mark.”

      Well they need to get over themselves then.

      “Gourmet” burger. What a joke.

  6. martco

    the burger @ €14 is what caught my eye too

    subjective possibly but imo there’s NO classic burgers in Dublin town worth €14 and I don’t care if it’s kobe beef or some other mullarkey (note kobe style mince burgers pattys can be got easily 4x for a tenner, big swing)

    i’m in 2 minds, if you’re stupid enough to pay go for it….but also there’s a degree of GREED involved on the part of the proprietor…..

    ok it’s recipe time:
    best cheese and bacon burger ever

    get some decent mincemeat and it doesn’t remotely have to break the bank…find a regular old school butcher and ask for some “minced chuck steak” please and if by offchance there’s a wee bit of “hanger steak” ask for that to be added into the chuck mince in 2:1 ratio (failing that minced lamb also not bad alternative again 2:1 ratio fattier tho and not classic beef anymore but maybe who cares. horse good too. yes horse)
    anyways sticking to beef, logic here is chuck steak cut has a nice fat ratio, hanger cut is very very flavoursome if you’ve never tried it and you like steak you need to try it

    if they are multi animal butcher get your streaky rashers here too but wherever not packet injected shite please

    buns can be an issue, bundys won’t cut it. Lidl do a nice multiseed bap on the bakery counter

    cheese? personally I vote for Red Leicester here.

    mayo/ketchup/mustard up to you, if I have time I like to make up a nice red onion goo by simply very slowly panfrying/melting chopped red onions in a little butter+olive oil for 30 mins or longer if u dare

    thing is with the add-ons not to overpower the burger, nowt wrong with your fave bits its part of the fun but don’t forget the burger ok?! the only thing I’m strong on opinionwise is things like tomatoes and lettuce. these items have no place on a burger. if you want them make up a side salad. dreadful idea.

    seasoning is salt (maldon best) + black pepper from a mill + a little chopped rosemary nice up to you

    get a couple of dinner plates out onto the counter, drizzle some olive oil onto one of them (basic not yer virgin or extra virgin it tastes too strong and burns more easily) sprinkle on salt n pepper.
    mince out into a bowl next to the plates, grab some in your hand and compact a ball about the size of a tennis ball (this sizewise totally up to you main thing is in next bit don’t make em too thick) onto the oiled and seasoned dinner plate, shape into a patty flip to get oil and seasoning on both sides and onto the plate next door to it to rest ready for cooking. imo pattys shouldn’t be more than 2cm thick. hint the back of a sideplate can be very helpful in making nice compacted patties, shape patty by hand then sideplate on top and crush down a little, understand?
    ok so when you have a plateful of patties bring them to your cooking device (hob/oven/grill/bbq grid) but keeping it universal lets use a frying pan

    get the streaky bacon into a tin and into a hot oven
    get the kitchen window open/extractor on
    thinly slice the cheese/grate it
    I’m going frying pan for the burger. whatever you do make sure it’s clean, dry and hot. assuming an average pan and average hob. get that pan as hot as you can. don’t show the patties to the pan until it’s reached temp. don’t overcrowd the pan, the burgers will sweat too much you want to sear them not boil them, I do 2x at a time. hint: again the back of your oul sideplate can be useful here, if you rest one on top of the patties it keeps them pressed to the pan for a better sear just take care handling it (use a tongs or teatowl)
    cooking time is depending on taste. I prefer medium and I go for 4 mins first side, 2-3 mins second.
    serving plates ready with buns sliced and open. toast if u wish in advance. check the bacon, crispy but not burnt.
    flip the patty. straightaway make a neat pile of the cheese on the top seared side of the patty, work neat to avoid cheese getting onto pan. enjoy watching it melt on.
    scoop the pattys up onto buns + close the lid to rest. this is important! you have to let the meat rest/relax for 3-5 mins and anyway you’d only burn the mouth off yourself but don’t dress them yet with mayo or anything else…there’s juices distributing in the meat and flowing now out of the burger in thru the buns. wait that couple of mins now you can dress them up with whatever you prefer yourself. don’t forget the bacon. I like that red onion business mentioned earlier and some mayo/ketchup/mustard combo simple as but go for the guacamole if u must


    oh oh. sorry forgot. very cold beer. something light with tang. I put the bottle into the freezer before I start the prep above and it’s proper cold by nomnomnomnom

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      My god I’ve a shockin goo for a burger now.

      I’d be inclined, if you can get it, to go for a nice blaa. A proper one mind you. Can’t be beat.

      1. martco

        yes yes that’s a fine choice! I can’t get them local to me unfortunately tho if you can I hope you enjoy them warm with a slather of proper butter aboard?
        a warm blaa, butter, raspberry jam and you won’t believe this superquinn sausages (before they sold out to musgraves but hicks equally good or if ure in Cork virtually anything local)
        don’t knock it till u try it!
        heartattack heaven ;)

  7. gringo

    Good value burger. That mare won two point to points in Cashel last year, but she broke her hock in a bumper over the Xmas.Larry Goodman paid top dollar for her, and he knows prime horseflesh like no other.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      We and you will have to have… ‘words’ over this.

      Lime cordial is fantastic. King of drinking additions.

      1. Goosey Lucy

        Look Mildred, there’s no need to form a gang against me on this issue..”we and you “etc ;)
        We may agree to disagree on this, I’m not for turning!

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