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Shane writes:

I know you don’t normally do this and am embarrassed to ask. I have misplaced my backpack (above). I left it in the back of a taxi in Marino [Dublin 3] last Friday night. Admittedly I was the worse for wear, but realised my mistake when it was just too late.

It has some treasured possessions (my e-reader and a hardback notepad), and some not so treasured, a firewire card for a PC, and a lunchbox. I reported it to the guards on Saturday but have yet to hear back.

I would really appreciate if somebody knows its whereabouts that they might return it, and would gladly pay a reward.


5 thoughts on “Left In A Taxi

  1. Liam Deliverance

    Good Luck Shane in getting your stuff back. In no relation to your story I was just walking through Westmoreland Street and noticed a scrote checking out how secure all the bikes that are locked there, along by Bewleys. I rang Pearse St Garda but they didn’t show much interest. So if you have a bike locked there today you might want to move it.

    “Note For Taxi/Hackney Drivers:

    Items of property left or found in taxis or hackneys in the Greater Dublin Area can be handed into the following Garda Stations:

    Finglas Garda Station

    Irishtown Garda Station

    Shankill Garda Station

    Store Street Garda Station

    Tallaght Garda Station”

    1. Shane

      Thanks Liam. I have been into Store St. and they say there’s a good chance that it will be handed in. However I am beginning to lose hope at this stage.

      I knew that I shouldn’t bring my bag out when going for after work pints… but still did. Definitely not getting wiser as I get older.

  2. Liam Deliverance

    You must be getting wiser if you already know that you shouldn’t bring prized possessions to the boozer! Taking your own advice is the next step in Wise-dom! From what you have said, backpack is replaceable, as is e-reader, as is firewire card and lunch. Notebook could be painful if it has musings of value in it that you cannot recreate. Otherwise not too bad, the hard ones to lose are the phone with its contacts, sentimental messages and photos, wallet with a plethora of cards that must be cancelled and cash of course. And keys, can’t get in to your home and unknown stranger can, possibly. I think you did alright. Give it a week, replace what you can and move on. Good luck.

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