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What you may need to know…

01. Honestly? This was the YMLT we were hoping to write this morning – mynameisj0hn, GodKnows and Murli took home the Album of the Year last night at the Choice Awards in Vicar Street.

02. Our thoughts on Let the Dead Bury the Dead, from last year’s year-end list:

“Rusangano Family are more than a critically-acclaimed Irish act that’s threatening to go mainstream. They represent a moment in Irish culture, a turning point, a look at the ever-changing Irish identity, the meeting point of tradition and progress, the emerging Irish multiculture.

Equal parts personal earnestness on the immigrant experience in Ireland and social commentary from the perspective of someone raised latterly in the culture, Let the Dead Bury the Dead is, in their words, “an objective album”.

But as important as the weight it carries, the tunes it bears across its near-40-minute runtime run the gamut, from the mid-paced stepping of Kierkegaard to the flat-out, shirt-waving banger that is Soul Food, there’s not a single doubt of the latter either. A momentous accomplishment.”

03. Streaming above are the album that took home the championship, available for streaming and download, and a Guerrilla Session & interview with Ray Wingnut released this morning.

04. See the champs on tour around the country over the course of the next month, including the National Concert Hall in Dublin, among other dates. See here for the full rundown.

Thoughts: The hardest-working outfit in Irish music today begin to reap the rewards of their grind. Proof that hard work, persistence and dedication always pay off.

Rusangano Family

10 thoughts on “You May Like This: Rusangano Family

  1. Nigel

    They way they were talking on the radio this morning about working with kids in Limerick and Clare made me want to stand up and applaud. Good on them.

  2. Grandthanksmasterflash

    What was announced regarding James Vincent McMorrow? I saw he tweeted something about being sorry he couldn’t be there, despite what was announced he wanted to be at awards.

      1. Grandthanksmasterflash

        I know that but when he tweeted, ‘@louisemcsharry really don’t want 2 make it a thing, it did bum me out hearing how my record was announced, sounded like i cudn’t b arsed’ what was he on about?

        1. Kieran NYC

          I’d guess that when they said “JVMcM couldn’t be here tonight” (or however they said it), it came across that he just wasn’t bothered turning up.

  3. Johnny Keenan

    Great band. Great sound coming out of whest with a fantastic Afro-Caribbean flavour and HipHop beats, while dropping some interesting Irishisms

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