Free Thursday?



Broadsheet on the Telly Emigrant Special will air at 11.45 this Thursday, March 16.

We shall ring in St Patrick’s/Patty’s Day with a special chat from some of our regulars, including the nastily-trolled Johnny Keenan, and a number of exiles.

Alcohol, vapes and whatnot will be allowed on the premises.

Japes may ensue.

If you are living ‘abroad’ and would like to say hello to your mother join us on the telly please send brief bio/email to by Midnight

Previously: broadsheet on the Telly on Broadsheet

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4 thoughts on “Free Thursday?

  1. Anne

    He was nastily trolled all right.. I think of some of these demented commenters who talk in riddles – not mentioning any names besides Frilly-Mean – as like hobos on park benches shouting abuse at passers by.

    Only difference is hobos would make more sense.

    But you’d tend to scurry passed as quickly as possible without making eye contact in real life.
    They’re harmless enough but best ignored.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      Funny thing is, two of the guys who engaged in the mean spirited, nasty trolling and bullying of him are the two guys who whine the most about decorum and abuse and trolling. Zero self awareness.

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