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RTE’s Six One News tonight.

Don Reilly writes:

Bryan Dobson talking to Caitríona Perry down the road in Washington DC. What’s wrong with a face to face chat? Nearly as bad as a live link up between two reporters at Leinster House and Government Buildings around the corner! Rant over.

34 thoughts on “Around The Corner

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    Don Reilly – there stands a man who’s never sent a text downstairs to put the kettle on.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Mildred – look at this. One of the seven deadly sins. You’d have to wait on this sloth hand and foot, Give him the elbow.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            On a serious’ish note, I’m only messing around. Hope nobody’s taken it wrong way. Sorry if so.

          2. bertie blenkinsop

            Let’s just think this one through BB, I always find it’s best to take a step back and pretend you’re explaining it to an outsider who hasn’t a clue what’s going on.

            I have professed undying love for someone who I’m highly unlikely to ever meet knowingly and now two other anonymous strangers have also fallen for her.

            If anyone can find anything to take offence at in all of that nonsense then they’re beyond help.

            So carry on lads but always remember :)


          3. Starina

            it’s grand, Mildred’s obvs in love with me and shall soon desert the three Bs to their sticky, slippery lives.

          4. bertie blenkinsop

            All the B’s
            Bertie Blenkinsop
            Brother Barnabas

            I can’t quit him Nigel!

          5. Brother Barnabas

            just so we’re, eh, straight, I’ll be behind, ok

            (*not always, but mostly – pretty much always)

        1. bertie blenkinsop

          Poor Mildred sent down to the chemist to get us lube, that’s a plot twist I didn’t predict.

  2. Jack Ascinine

    Ah sure, aren’t they all just international now? I’m surprised they didn’t have one more in New York for good measure.

  3. read twice

    Did RTÉ inherit the old Aer Lingus uniforms?

    Well at least that’s a good example of semi-state companies/agencies sharing resources.

    1. Rob_G


      Bright green is such a tricky colour to get right; when I want to be patriotic, I wear a tasteful shade of British *ahem* racing green

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