22 thoughts on “Damnation

  1. Rugbyfan

    Now that is the post of the day.

    BS could you also out a NSFW ahead of any pictures of this lady!

  2. ivan

    at the risk of sounding like a sanctimonious prig (cue bellows of ‘you’re a sanctimonious prig’ from the cheap seats) didn’t Mick suggest once upon a time that folk give a donation to some charity or other if they liked whatever cartoon it was he’d posted.

    Might it not be an idea (assuming Mick’s cool with it, obvs) to stick that link under any of his works. Although Bertie’s idea of a buke, above, is really what we want.

    1. Starina

      you’re a sanvtimonious prig!

      no actually that’s a brill idea. might i suggest My Lovely Horse or some other horsey welfare charity, for the week that’s in it?

    2. Mick Flavin

      Thanks all. Ivan that’s good of you to bring that up. It was the Capuchin Day Centre.
      I’m afraid a book wouldn’t work really. Most of the cartoons go stale very quickly, and I’m not sure who’d buy it bar a few BS regulars.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Nonetheless, Mick, your humble Sheik will make an extra contribution to that very worthy cause – and think of you whilst I’m doing it :-D. OK?

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