A Song For Paddy



Every week, we give away a voucher worth TWENTY FIVE big ones to spend at any of the 14 Golden Discs stores in Ireland.

All we ask for is a tune we can play TOMORROW and at the end of Broadsheet on the Telly tonight.

This week’s theme: Patrick’s Day discs.

What snake-hipped Irish song of any genre makes your heart swell with patriotic palpitations?

To enter, complete this sentence:

“If I could hear only one song on March 17 please make it_________________________because______________________’


Lines MUST close at 5.55pm MIDNIGHT! March 17, 10am!

No Amhrán na bhFiann.

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58 thoughts on “A Song For Paddy

  1. Bertie Blenkinsop

    If I could hear only one song on March 17 please make it Raglan Road because it has everything, poetry, Luke Kelly and if you’ve ever loved and lost it perfectly captures that awful dagger in the heart feeling.


    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I had a massive drunken-fueled debate one night with a fellow Irish-music lover on Luke’s version vs Sinead’s. I’m not one for fights so we solved it with one for the road and a nod to Paddy Kavanagh. Both versions are great.
      But both are useless in getting my party going tomorrow night.

      1. bertie blenkinsop

        I’m just checking the letterbox here Hoopsy and my invitation doesn’t seem to have arrived?

      2. mildred st. meadowlark

        I have to agree with Bertie, and it’s not because we’re having a rather public love affair.

        Luke Kelly’s version wins hands down, for me, every time. It moves me to tears, and chases shivers down my spine. The raw power and the starkness of his voice make it the definitive version for me. Think I might just have a wee listen right now.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Horslips – The snakes farewell to the Emerald Isle. Because it’s applicable to the multitude of Ministers that exited this past week.

  3. Murtles

    Thin Lizzy – Emerald, what an anthem. Now should that CD have had snapped I half, Whiskey In The Jar would also be acceptable.

  4. Rugbyfan

    City of Chicago…..Christy Moore, Was playing football in Boston for a summer and after a tough match one sunday were all in a bar in Dorchester and this song came on, the lines dreaming of Hills of Donegal hit a chord. powerful song and one that I am sure gets the goosebumps up for many who have moved away from the ol’ sod.

  5. Smith

    If I could hear only one song on March 17 please make it ‘Where’s Me Jumper’ by The Sultans of Ping FC.

    An anarchic tune with brilliant and sometimes non-sensical lyrics and a class guitar riff. Nothing to do with Paddy’s Day but more Irish.

    1. sǝɯǝɯʇɐpɐq

      This one is correct.
      ‘Where’s Me Jumper’ by The Sultans of Ping FC

      I remember one time I was jumping around a bit too energetically to this tune, so much so that me false teeth shot out across the dancefloor..
      I was running around going ”Where’s me dentures? Where’s me dentures?”

  6. Pip

    “If I could hear only one song on March 17 please make it Curragh of Kildare by the Johnstons because, even at a very young age, those soaring harmonies and strong yet delicate voices made my heart sing.

  7. Custo

    Chinatown by Thin Lizzy, but just the intro. Over and over and over again. It’s 20 seconds of hard rock perfection.

  8. Liam Deliverance

    “The game is about being effective
    Being aggressive, winning the ball
    Getting on with the play
    We’ll put ’em under pressure”


    Oh the halcyon days of the summer of 1990 and a World Cup in Italy. A simpler time when Irishmen and Irishwomen were justifiably proud of our little country and the long strange trip that we had traveled together. Produced by Larry Mullen, Moya Brenan of Clannad does the intro, timeless Jack Charlton vocals and a melody from a tune called O’Neills March, itself a tribute to the great Hugh O’Neill. Thankfully though it is a period in time that can be relived by reading and/or watching The Van.

    (Jimmy Sr and Jimmy in conversation after a skin full o pints)
    “-I love yeh, son, said Jimmy Sr.
    He could say it and no one could hear him, except young Jimmy, because of the singing and roaring and breaking glasses.
    -I think you’re f**kin’ great, said Jimmy Sr.
    -Ah f**k off, will yeh, said Jimmy Jr. -Packie saved the f**kin’ penalty, not me.
    But he liked what he’d heard, Jimmy Sr could tell that. He gave Jimmy Sr a dig in the stomach.
    -You’re not a bad oul’ c**t yourself, he said.”
    ― Roddy Doyle, The Van

    or in reference to the heavily dilapidated van that Bimbo is going to buy
    Jimmy Sr. -“Which end does it sh1te out of?”

  9. AngieD

    If I could hear only one song on March 17 please make it N17 (Stone Walls and the Grass is Green) by the Saw Doctors because I love it and it always brings a smile to my face (even though I’ve never been near that part of the Island in my life!)
    In fairness – gratuitous tin whistle solo after the righteous sax solo? have you ever heard similar??? Brillo!

    1. ivan

      frankly, m’dear, it’s not a patch on Hay Wrap, which – for the telecaster-flavoured The West’s Awake bit alone – is better. Also, there’s not been a better lyric since “get that wasp off my sangwidge” :)

    2. AngieD

      or, the Marino Waltz, because everyone remembers _that_ ad from the 80s and being from Marino myself, it makes me poor little heart doubly swell with patriotic pride…

  10. scottser

    If I could hear only one song on March 17 please make it ‘come out ye black and tans’ because it has everything – pointless nationalism, a killer chorus and and a ‘come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough’ attitude that would make a millwall fan jealous.

    i always fancy that come the revolution, ‘come out ye black and tans’ will be the soundtrack.


  11. Johnny Keenan

    If I could listen to only one song on Paddy’s night it would have to be
    RIRa – Front Bar.
    I saw him live in Barcelona 2011 on Paddy’s Night. He was supporting Method Man.
    Just watch the video and you will feel so proud to be Irish.
    Once you realise and feel, that someone with so much passion, doesn’t need to be known by anyone or anywhere, in order to have maximum impact, on first hearing seeing and meeting.
    That’s True Irish!
    We bring the craic…
    RiRa- Front Bar

  12. Nigel

    If I could hear only one song on March 17th make it Kilkelly, because if you’re not weeping uncontrollably like a babe for it’s mother or a woman for her lover or a man for the failure of the potato crop, then you’re not having a proper Irish experience. If you don’t think of your dear old dad, assuming your dad was or is dear to you, and heave a sob of raw grief, you’re a monster:


  13. Shane

    It has to be “Thousands are Sailing ” – Pogues
    The line
    We stepped hand in hand on Broadway
    With/Like the first man on the moon”
    “When I got back to my empty room
    I suppose I must have cried”
    Just captures the Irish experience! All irony and innocence intended.
    Either that or
    “The Broad Majestic Shannon “

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      Two wonderful choices, I’ve often felt homesick listening to The Pogues when I was in Dublin so I can only imagine what it feels like abroad :)

  14. Steph Pinker

    If I could hear only one song on March 17, please make it The Waterboys’ version of William Butler Yeats’ poem, The Stolen Child, because as a Faery Queen in a former life I had to relinquish my crown due to my Earthly fondness of a music God called Bowie, and Dana didn’t like it; henceforth, in the twinkling, but myopic eyes of my Tuatha brethren, I will forever be known as a chchchchangeling >.<


    1. Brother Barnabas

      Good choice.

      And it reminds me: believe it or not, I’ve got a story about me, Twink, Tomás Mac Eoin and rectal bleeding. Hopefully there’ll be a Twink thread soon enough. It rightly belongs there.

  15. Niallo

    If i could hear one song on march 17 could it be isrealites by desmond decker, never got that voucher lads.
    …just sayin.
    Happy st Guinness day to all.

  16. Frilly Keane

    Ole Ole Ole

    That should do it

    No matter where ya are or how things turned out for ya
    Kilburn , Nairobi, Dubai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Mexico City, Boston, Toronto, or even Bundoran
    Lash out a single Olaaaaaayyyyyyyy
    And you’ll always remember where ya come from
    Olaaaaaaaay to make sure you’re never away from your roots

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      It’s definitely a very useful, speedy way to establish if someone is a gobshité.

      1. Frilly Keane

        not all of us suffer inferiority complexes Bert
        I’m not a bitta’fraid of where I’m from

        Ole Ole Ole

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