34 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      My thoughts exactly.

      Tell me… could we have ever said this about Cameron? ;)

  1. Green Fingured

    I wonder if the British think that posing for Vogue should be on their PM’ s to do list in the middle of Brexit. I remember during the leadership race when the press mentioned her liking for expensive shoes we were told that male politicians clothes were never commented on. Very strange decision on her part.

  2. Shayna

    I was in Philly in ’08 – the buzz was Hillary – out of nowhere Barack was centre stage for the Democrats. I did admire Obama’s presidency – he was a genuine good guy (in my opinion). It seems that 58% of Americans bothered to vote this time. – for Trump? .

      1. Shayna

        58% voted – Jesus might have wept if, he existed? 58% didn’t vote for Trump – it’s a turn-out statistic is all!

      1. Gerry and the Colt Peacemakers

        He didn’t. There is no peace in Norn Ireland. Beatings, intimidation, killings, extortion. It’ a Bertie-era nonsense. ALT-FACTS ahead of the meme.

      2. I Sheik Yahbouti

        Cue Colonel Myers, Dudley Edwards, Harris, Bruton, Eilis O’hanlon, old uncle Tom Cobley and all to rubbish the man. What have any of these ever risked? He actually gambled with his life, to try and get something better for his people. If the warrior beats his sword into a ploughshare can he not have just a little credit? I say this as one of those unpopular ‘West Brits ‘.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      No nastiness welcomed. McGuinness was, and became, a naturally clever politician that created peace in an impossible set of situations. Also a fierce witty and very personable man – met him the one time – with a grĂ¡ for people he was talking to. I’ve no doubt the historians will document his achievements as well as his republican activities. RIP.

  3. Gerry and the Colt Peacemakers

    Theresa May – PHOAWR!? Really? Raise Your Aim. Lower your Sights Boys – Martin Fry.

    Shame we have to wait until tomorrow’s editions for the Martin McGuinness Hagiography to start.

    I see Michael D Higgins first out the trap with the Castro Was Great template. RTE channelling already…

    Nice of McGuinness to trigger his own personal article 50.

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