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Just some of the highlights from a new web series called ‘Ends Meet’ about three generations of Irishmen (including a defiantly tri-coloured nipper) “trying to get by”.

Created by Mark Baldwin (no stranger to ‘sheet readers) Ends Meet has been picked up by RTÉ for a long running series in the Autumn.

You can watch the webisodes that won the series NOW online.

There’s seven and they’re about 2-3 minutes long and available on the RTÉ Player.

Unless you live ‘abroad’.

*shakes fist*

Watch here

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3 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Ends Meet

  1. Shayna

    Sounds great – unfortunately, I can’t view it – I’m in Belfast. RTÉ player will allow me to watch “The Late Late Show”, but pretty much that’s it! Don’t you just love the inclusivity of the National Broadcaster?

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