5 thoughts on “Careful Now

  1. bisted

    …in fairness, you know where you stand with the catholic schools and if the predatory paedophiles can be kept at bay then you have only one flavour of religious crank to deal with. The much-vaunted educate together schools encourage any cult in to stalk their corridors and peddle their nonsense…the sooner we have a secular option the sooner these institutionalised madrasas can consigned to the shadows where they belong…

  2. Kieran Nice Young Chap

    David Quinn pleading for unjustified ‘balance’ once again.

    That Manseragh piece might be interesting if he’s not just doing his bloviating blowhard shtick.

    1. nellyb

      you wont’ like it – obfuscation, inappropriate language (abused = ‘cherished less’) and attempts to extract some unclear lesson from the french history – all culminating in this: “The Church does and must play its full part in repairing the damage, but it should be wary of rapacious forces who want to leverage the scandals to execute a second ‘dissolution of the monasteries”

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