Off The Buses


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Busarus, Dublin 1 and Broadstone Garage, Dublin 7.

Bus Éireaann workers tend to picket lines during strike action by SIPTU and NBRU objecting to plans by management to impose cuts without union agreement.

Meanwhile, Bus Éireann said:

“Regrettably, today the board could not sign off accounts for 2016, or pass a budget for 2017 in the absence of agreement with staff. This is a very serious matter as the board must now formally advise CIÉ that this governance requirement will not be met.”

Bus Éireann board unable to agree budget for year (Irish Times)


Bus Éireann workers in Waterford explain why they are taking a stand for “decent rural transport.


Thanks Paddy Cole

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33 thoughts on “Off The Buses

  1. Cian

    Considering the bit of the company at risk is Expressway, claiming that you’re for “decent rural transport” when withdrawing said transport by going on strike to protect ridiculous overtime structures and a failed non-rural service is a bit odd.

    1. martco

      I’ve got an idea!
      Let’s close Bus Eireann as a public entity (public service is a ridiculous idea anyway) and put all the routes to tender, then we can open a new spreadsheet column with numbers we rake in from the privateers and we can cut n paste the subvention numbers in there too as we no longer have to service that.
      The privateers are all lovely guys and they’ll hook up their new workers onto a nice zero hour (er sorry I meant “Modern” or whatever other euphemism we use these days) contract and of course understandably the management fellas running Bus Eireann with all that knowledge about how stuff works could get other important state jobs after the spin off.
      Plus we all get a nice race to the bottom which we all love don’t we?
      And jase sure who knows with some other successful privatisation gigs in the pipeline we might even eventually get to sell the whole country off, would be grand as the trickle down benefits will keep everyone happy. or something.

  2. jeremy kyle

    What an absolute fuppin’ mess. Anyone want to give me a spin to Cork tomorrow? Cheers thanks.

  3. Truth in the News

    The State Bus Transport Company is expected to provide a public service obligation
    to rural Ireland, and the routes that they would make a surplus are given to private
    operators, what you have is an attempt to yellow pack Bus Eireann aided and
    abetted by Shane Ross, and incidently where TD’s and Senators should only get travel costs at the level of Bus or Rail fares where there is a service they can use
    Let them use public transport, look at the savings in Dublin alone.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      Truth, as another poster has mentioned in another place (I won’t steal credit). It takes some nerve for a politician who has just awarded themselves a fifteen grand increase to criticize a bus Driver objecting to a FOURTH pay cut. Ditto “the Board” who now refuse communication, except on its terms.

      1. Andy

        The difference you expect politicians to work for their money while these bus drivers are not working for their money – getting on-call premiums, only driving half the hours they’re paid for, etc etc

        1. Sheik Yahbouti

          Nice try, but no cigar Andy. Maybe you could do the pizza run for the Fraperoom? Help to justify your existence.

        2. martco

          dontcha worry I got your back on this Andy
          I mean how much should we be paying bus drivers really sure anyone could drive one no?? Sure there’s driver-less busses now….might take some time to get that to stick tho so meantime I’d get them all onto zero hour contracts & get those telematics installed and running…that way we could only have to pay em for the minutes they are actually sat in the drivers seat and doing the driving (just when they’ve left the yard though and are working the route, eh?)

          nice one ;)

          1. Andy

            Not even that, although I like your thinking,,,,,,

            Maybe just sack the surplus staff and get those left to do a full days work. If they did that they mightn’t even need to cut salaries. You know, similar to how the private sector dealt with these things during the recession.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      ” where TD’s and Senators should only get travel costs at the level of Bus or Rail fares where there is a service they can use ”

      I like it, it won’t float tho

  4. bisted

    …how do you know the difference between a CIE bus driver and a government minister…the CIE driver will be the sober one driving up the motorway in the right direction…

  5. badatbrokendreams

    One type of person becomes a politician, to ‘serve the people’.
    Another type of person becomes a bus driver, to serve the people.

    Just sayin’…

    1. badatbrokendreams

      (And only one of expects to become rich….)*

      *Clue… It isnt the one who works for a living.

        1. badatbrokendreams

          No problem.

          Another clue coming…soon…
          Not yet though…


          Nah… it doesn’t matter….

  6. badatbrokendreams

    Grab a grip of yourself, me oul’ mate
    ‘Cos that poo that you pontificate…
    You know it’s not right.
    You could go and poo
    But the poo you produce wont be great.

  7. badatbrokendreams

    Allow me to plagarise the almighty…
    ‘You cannot legislate against wrongful encouragement.’

    Mark E Smith said that, once.
    I’m gonna keep saying it forever.

  8. badatbrokendreams

    And if you havent swam through the new Gorillaz video, ‘saturn – something’… whatever…

    You should do it straight away. I’m not joking. The 360 version.
    Blow your brain.

    See if I care.

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