Recognise Them?




They’re not very nice.

South William Street, Dublin 2

Fergus McCormack writes:

Tonight’s Crimecall (will feature CCTV of an assault on that took place in Dublin city centre. It shows four men attacking two others on South William Street. The assault took place on 5th November 2016 just after midnight.Anyone with any information is asked to phone Crimecall on 1800 40 50 60.

Crimecall is on tonight on RTÉ One 9.35pm.

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18 thoughts on “Recognise Them?

  1. Hank

    ‘Sorry judge, I was drunk. I’m normally lovely though. Look, my local priest even says so’.
    ‘Run along then you little scamp, I’ll let you off this time’

  2. whut

    i doubt they live here, they look like theyre hear on part of a stag or something, coz yer man with the cowboy hat, and they dont .. i dunno, im great with hunches and instincts n stuff, i just dont think theyre living here

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