There Is Nothing Like A Damo


brave giant

Brave Giant – The Time I Met The Devil

With a video directed by award-winning filmmaker Fergus Costello.

Fergus writes:

Something you may be interested in, the video for Brave Giant’s new single “The Time I Met The Devil” which debuted on The Late Late Show last Friday.

From Drumlish Co. Longford, Brave Giant have already begun making waves around Ireland with a headline gig in Whelan’s sold out on the 22nd April with a new date announced for Friday the 21st April.

The video catches up with Father Damo Lennon, once again played by Joe Rooney, 20 years later, to see how he deals with the aftermath of an enormous party, hope you like!

Brave Giant

15 thoughts on “There Is Nothing Like A Damo

  1. Daddy

    Tell the little Hitler who moderated me they’ve succeeded in ending my relationship with Broadsheet.

    But tell them also to keep an eye on Twitter next week for some truths about Broadsheet and the people behind it.

    1. Clampers Outside

      ” keep an eye on Twitter next week ”

      Where on twitter should anyone with an interest look?
      If you provide a hashtag for the revelations ahead of you posting on twitter anyone will be able to find what it is you have to say a lot easier, thanks.

      Maybe something like… #BSTruths or….. #MainliningWithLJG… or maybe #BSisBS…. it’s hard to pick one when one doesn’t know what is coming…. :/
      Maybe you could pick one !

    2. Kieran Nice Young Chap

      Aren’t you a little old to be throwing toys out of your pram?

      Unless you’re… Baby Daddy! Body of a baby and head of a daddy!

    1. ReproBertie

      My comment below was supposed to be a reply to this. Watch out for me dishing the dirt on Broadsheet’s dodgy comment section on MySpace next month.

    2. Nigel

      Hey, now, this over reliance on Father Ted tropes is small, but that over reliance on Father Ted tropes is far away.

    1. ReproBertie

      RTÉ seem to have it on constant repeat since they got the rights to it. I’d love to know what the viewing figures for Father Ted repeat number 75 are like.

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