Steps To Justice



This afternoon.

The Central Criminal Court, Dublin

Paddy Hill of the Birmingham 6 meet with Jobstown defendants and Socialist Party Leader Joe Higgins.

Seven defendants, including elected representatives of the Anti Austerity Alliance and members of the Socialist Party – Paul Murphy TD and councillors Mick Murphy and Kieran Mahon, are charged with unlawful imprisonment for participating in a sit-down protest in front of the then Táinaiste Joan Burton’s car in 2014 will face trial on April 24.

Jobstown defendants give undertakings over protests (RTÉ)


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13 thoughts on “Steps To Justice

  1. Jake38

    The similarities between the horrific injustices meted out to the Birmingham Six and our own merry band of Trots in Jobstown are just uncanny.

  2. eric cartman

    Paul Murphy and co are guilty.
    They trapped Joan Burton in that car
    they instigated violence against the gardai
    there was nothing peaceful about that protest apart from the yobs screaming it.
    Lock them up.

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