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Unspecified farm, County Kildare..

Blummin’ gambolling messers.

Eamonn Farrel/lRollingnews







Our Emily O’Callaghan writes;

Witnessed this yesterday along the [Royal] Canal [behind Croke Park], the heron swallowed it whole! Like a snake eats! The local guy with the boat we were in said he had never seen one do that in all his years. I managed to get these shots with my camNOMNOMNOMNOM

20 thoughts on “Stop That

  1. Happy Molloy

    I bottle fed a lamb this morning :-)

    Abandoned by his mother :-(

    Too bad he’ll grow up to be a smelly sheep

    1. bisted

      …good news Happy…if it’s a ‘he’ it can be virtually guaranteed it won’t grow up…

  2. Kenny Plank

    Great image of the Heron Dealer on the canal. Well composed.

    Don’t like the taste of perch meself!

  3. medieval knievel

    “The local guy with the boat we were in said he had never seen one do that in all his years.”
    eh… that’s the way herons eat.

    1. Kolmo

      Herons usually have a set of cutlery but due to not having that apposite digits, they dispense with formalities and gulp in one go, also, by not chewing the fish, they save valuable time for investor facetiming or making the world a better place with end-to-end quantum stacking with reintermediate innovative niches.

      great photo.

    2. Nigel

      You didn’t see the bit where the heron struck a match and lit the fish and smoked it like a cigarette.

  4. Eoin

    That’s someones koi carp gone for it’s tea. You really need to keep a net over your pond when there’s herons about.

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