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This afternoon.





Mount Henry, County Laois.

Eamonn Farrell writes:

Lambs on this farm have been given orange raincoats to protect them from the cold and wet weather.

The enterprising farmer has issued them to the lambs, which are a bit more delicate when born, which means instead of being kept indoors they can run around outdoors with their more sturdy brothers and sisters.

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

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Unspecified farm, County Kildare..

Blummin’ gambolling messers.

Eamonn Farrel/lRollingnews







Our Emily O’Callaghan writes;

Witnessed this yesterday along the [Royal] Canal [behind Croke Park], the heron swallowed it whole! Like a snake eats! The local guy with the boat we were in said he had never seen one do that in all his years. I managed to get these shots with my camNOMNOMNOMNOM


“My neighbour lives away from the farm, so I usually check the sheep for him When I was there on Saturday, I caught the flash of an eye with my lamp and saw a fox carrying the dead lamb. I took careful aim and took the fox with a shot to the neck.

“…Some people think foxes aren’t doing any harm but this is proof

Tom Finn, from Clonroe Upper, [Co Wexford]

Fox Caught In The Act (The Dealer, Irish Farmer’s Journal)

Thanks Maura Fay