The Great Unwashed



Irish Water protest, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1 in August 2015

This Saturday, April 8, the Sinister Fringers are at it again.

But will you join the Walk of Shame?

Martin McMahon writes:

That rabble, that great unwashed and of course those dirty Dubs will take to the streets on Saturday to crow their victory over us good law abiding citizens.

It’s almost as if they don’t know that removing water costs from central taxation and giving the gains away in tax cuts to top earners like us is good for them too. When us rich folks have more money in our pockets, we occasionally drop a few coppers into the grubby outstretched hand of some homeless serf, everybody wins.

When the charges were first introduced the fringers complained that bills in excess of 600 were ‘too high’, I ask you, really? The price of one nice evening at the theatre with dinner afterwards is ‘too high’ a price for them to pay so that we can cut our top rate tax? Pull the other one!

Out of the goodness of our hearts, we agreed to cap the charges at 260 until all the proles were paying before we’d up it over a grand and they still weren’t happy!

Two hundred and focking sixty euro people, that’s 1 bottle of half decent wine, just drink something cheaper for a night, problem solved. Enda was wrong to give an inch to those whingers, should have locked the whole lot of them up.

Now that we’ve ensured  a white collar only jury, that rabble rouser Murphy will get his comeuppance, the naivety of the hard left to think they’d get a fair trail in this country, Anglo friends stick together suckers.

It’s the country people I feel sorry for, forced to live in 6 bedroom mansions on sprawling lawns, they’ve been paying for water forever. Although forcing water charges on the sinister fringers won’t change the need for wells and septic tanks for our less fortunate country cousins, it will make them feel better to see the proles hammered into the ground, fair’s fair.

I hope they choke on their ‘Walk of Shame’, how dare they stand up to us. Why can’t they get it through their thick heads that they don’t matter, their votes don’t matter,

I know exactly where I and those like me won’t be on Saturday April 8th, we won’t be at Connolly or Heuston stations at 2pm.

Martin blogs at RamshornRepublic


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55 thoughts on “The Great Unwashed

  1. Owen C

    Going to the theatre and having dinner afterwards is apparently only for the elite? God this is dire stuff.

    1. MoyestWithExcitement

      No, spending €600 on a night out is only for the elite. Did you deliberately miss the point in order to misrepresent the piece in order to dismiss it without actually addressing its message?

      1. Dead Poets Society

        Theatre and Dinner for 600 EUR . .. I would be expecting to go home with the lead actor for that price .

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            You don’t have to look at the mantelpiece when you’re poking the fire.

      2. Boj

        “Did you deliberately miss the point in order to misrepresent the piece in order to dismiss it without actually addressing its message?”

        Moyest, I cannot believe you typed that!!
        Hypocrite of the highest order.

      3. Owen C

        There was supposed to be a point? Whoops. I saw something about a 260 euro for a half decent bottle of wine and i sorta tuned out in fairness. Did i miss something in that part of the message which was relevant to anyone other than perhaps a few hundred people (if even) who’ve ever actually done that? Probably more relevant to say “its 2 euro a week, its less than a cup of coffee”, but i know, that’s less outrageous.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          I misread the line as ‘260 euro for a half bottle of wine’ Presumably per week, which actually rang the sensible bell – until I read it again.

        2. MoyestWithExcitement

          No, mate. There was no point. He wrote that for the craic. I look forward to reading your next publis..oh.

  2. Grace

    Great, another bunch of whinging morons stopping public transport and clogging up the city centre on Saturday.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        “Now look here Grace, if ya want yer face, you better not shout or bawl, there’s gonna be a lot of hard chaws here tonight, to honour the rag man’s ball” Yours affectionately. Humpty Soodlem.

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    I’ll be there (as always) with the rest of my feckless, grubby, work-shy brethren to prevent the greatest theft (apart from our fisheries) perpetrated against the Irish people since the foundation of this (sorry) State (of affairs). I shall of course endeavour to make my fringe look as sinister as possible (apart from redacted’s) Protesters abu.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      @Sheik, phil, dav, jambon & Daisy

      Good on ya! I can’t make it this time but you have my fullest support and my thanks.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Mickey lad, it’s great to get any support – particularly here. Good on yah.

    2. hieronymus tosh

      That cash has got to come from somewhere chief, probably health and social services will take a nice hit, but enjoy your day out anyway

  4. Paps

    Looks like a lovely sunny day for Saturday.

    I’ll be staying well away from the city center.

  5. Baffled

    Ironic the way many of these protesters have spent the equivalent of several years worth of water charges getting to and from their gatherings.

      1. Baffled

        Not really, because now that water charges will be funded out of general taxation they’ll be down the cost of petrol / public transport as the “saving” from water charges will be cancelled out by higher income taxes than would otherwise have been the case.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          At lease Siteserv/Actavo/whatever the change their name to next won’t get their grubby mitts on it.

  6. dav

    the tears of fg as their privatisation plans are laid to waste, now that’s water worth paying for…

    1. Ratatattat

      PS I can’t wait until your subhuman Trotskyist inbreds get in and screw the country up well and proper with your Old soldier of destiny comrades

      1. dav

        blushirts and ffer’s – 2 cheeks of the builders’ arse – pooping on the nation for years

  7. Clampers Outside

    I’ll be out walkin’ Portumna with a few of the lads by 2pm Saturday …feck walkin’ in the city! :)

    * rekindles faith in the RCC… for as long as it takes to knock out a decade of the rosary in hope for good weather *

  8. Eoin

    I’m looking forward to RTE ignoring this and then giving the attendance figures the old ‘fake news’ treatment. What’s it to be this time folks? Divide by five or play it safe and report about half or so?

  9. Peter Dempsey

    This Ramshorn is a tedious fellow, full of bitterness and hatred towards people who don’t share his Lenin-like views.

    Keep on stamping your foot

  10. Andy Moore

    I still love the Broadsheet & I’ll go there anyhows to count the none-gones ( silent minority ) !!

  11. anne

    Anyone see Kate O’Connell on Prime Time? She seemed a bit off. Her day job is a pharmacist apparently. Her affect was a tad off to say the least.

    She had the mannerisms of someone whose whacked out on some strong stuff. Arms all over the place. Speech was slurred.

    Medicinal cannabis is bad though according to herself, and water charges need to happen.

  12. Truth in the News

    If you think water charges have gone away….think again, they will be incorporated in your tax as an
    additional tax and may well be tagged on the household tax, and this needs demolishing too.
    FF want power, when they get it, they will water tax you too.

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