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Serv writes:

So a year or two ago you put up my post about the damage been done to the Grand Canal [at Mount Street bridge, Dublin 2] by the weekly markets.

I also complained to Waterways Ireland [who rent the land off Dublin City Council], asking them to stop parking vehicles and put down protective mats. They didn’t and just parked bigger vans!

So, how’s that working out for them…

Grand Canal weekly market at Mount Street Bridge axed (Irish Times)

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42 thoughts on “Bank Withdrawal

    1. edalicious

      Dav… Have you ever even been to one of these markets? It’s just people from local businesses eating there so it’s mainly people in suits.

      1. dav

        hipsters make the food, hipsters sell the food , hipsters buy normal food to eat themselves = hipsters gotta eat!

        1. Vote Rep #1

          Mainly middle aged men along with a few some asian couples = hipsters in davs world?

          You should have just stopped when it was obvious you had no idea what you were talking about.

    1. Rich Uncle Skeleton

      I thought people had realised that starting their sentences with ‘so’ in such a way is smugness personified. Like they assume we were already listening to them before they started talking.

    1. bleeschmn

      No, you see if you sit beside the canal in the sunshine enjoying a nice curry, that’s somebody else’s day ruined, you bo11ocks.

  1. bleeschmn

    “Residents said the nature of the market, which was not a farmers’ or craft market but a collection of “fast food” outlets , was inappropriate in what was a conservation area. ”
    What a load of crap, it’s full of small-business holders who put a lot of thought into their food. The same people taking part in a “circuit” that goes down well elsewhere. For example, you have Say Fish, who do a bloody amazing fish and chips, and that’s probably as fast-foody as it gets. I suppose the residents would prefer to see their Fintan’s artisanal carrot shavings going for a tenner a clamshell.

    They’ll set up somewhere else, local workers will lose out on a nice treat once a week, Irish Waterways will lose out on money that they use to actually look after canals in their proper context as a public amenity.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      The “residents” are more than likely business owners around the area who see their custom decimated whenever the market is on. I mean, its really only flat land and offices around there. I seriously doubt any of them care that the stalls are selling noodles instead of turnips.

      1. bleeschmn

        Yup, harder for them to overcharge this way. Worked around there for half of last year, and it was Spar or over 12 euro for a simple lunch. Or make me own and not be a child, but one step at a time.

    2. bleeschmn

      Although in fairness, the sooner we get historically accurate canals covered in horseshit and coal dust, the better. In the raaaaaaaaaaaare auld tiiiiimes.

  2. Custo

    The two stalls in the photo aren’t exactly ‘the usual fast food’, that sicilian place does Arancini ffs and the Burger Republic aren’t exactly in the business of selling Granby burgers in cold bundys.

    Still though, as long as Donnybrook Fair can continue to sell butter for 5 quid a block.

    1. martco

      personally never understood the interest in Donnybrook Fair
      a lot of glitzy packaging and clever displays but big swing, each to their own I suppose

      its a big enough business…by looks of it there’s plenty of eejits happy to buy their butter:

      my advice: buy a couple of Nigel Slater’s books and make yer own sambos the evening before, not that hard atall lads and yez might even enjoy it

  3. 15p

    complaining about the noise? if you worked like the rest of us you wouldn’t even be there while it was on, also, there’s no music, its literally people eating lunch 5 days a week for the summer. you live in a city, noise is a by product. even at that its not noise like a party at night or anything. i doubt for a split second did you think about the people who actually rely on this as a part of their making a living. no no, because its not about them, or the people who enjoy that lunch by the canal in the sun, its your canal anyway isnt it? thats there for you, you should have a key. what a rotten person you must be.

    everyone should get spar/centra rolls and go down there every day for lunch just to annoy this smug fupper.

  4. dhaughton99

    Didn’t some ad shill company have a go-cart track setup along that walkway last week?

  5. Serv

    The Mount Street Market is pulled, this one on Mespil is staying, but with more severe planning conditions etc

      1. MoyestWithExcitement

        Stall owners have been told they can’t set up shop in a particular place for 3 or so hours a week and the right are so hysterical about not getting to eat Mexican food for lunch on a Friday, they’re crying about job losses. Hilariously privileged.

  6. Annie

    Such a reactionary stance by DCC. Could they not have worked on recommendations such as portaloos etc?

    This city can be so shortsighted.

  7. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    Glad it’s gone. Maybe they’ll take out a few more of these vvankfests around Dublin.

  8. mildred st. meadowlark

    What relevance is that to anything?

    Nigel knows his food. Who gives a toss what he looks like?

  9. Nullzero

    It’s difficult to feel sorry for the local workers (mostly highly paid financial services types) missing out on a weekly treat, every day is a treat for these fortunate individuals if they’d only realize it, not to mention the abundance of cafes restaurants and fast food outlets in that area.

    1. Harry Molloy

      Most people who work in banks aren’t highly paid. Neither does a suit indicate highly paid. No more than wearing dirty overalls means poorly paid.

    2. Rob_G

      Well, maybe you should have made some better choices in life; you too could be living the the high life, eating pulled pork at lunch.

    3. 15p

      i work in the area and dont make much. also, would u not feel sorry for the food stall owners who need the money from this?

  10. Garbo

    I work directly across from the markets and it is always left spotless after they leave each Friday. They offered a wide range of food to cater all needs. Trip hazards is a bit of a stretch too. I cant believe 40 residents complained. It was only once a week FFS.

    1. TheCitizen

      The grass areas are damaged from the market. Damage stays there all week.
      Cables running across paths are trip hazards.

  11. Doug

    I lived near the grand canal until a few years ago. This summer I’m moving back to a gaf near the canal and I can’t wait. Blanket and a few cans on a sunny day, proper cycle lane up to the aviva, pint in m O’Brien, portobello harbour, the barge, food market and lots of other nice things/people to look at….along with the odd rodent

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