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  1. GiggidyGoo

    Nice little earner for Abtran, handling the refunds (if they happen of course). It will give Mitchell O’Connor another opportunity to announce hundreds of jobs. Of course not mentioning that they will be in the main recruits from the long-term unemployed register, for which Abtran will get a payment of €5k in the first year per person to offset any PRSI or Tax payable on a minimum wage job. Lubbly Jubbly

    1. Kieran Nice Young Chap

      What’s the problem you have?

      That people shouldn’t come off long-term unemployment or companies shouldn’t be encouraged to hire them?

        1. Kieran Nice Young Chap

          The bit about incentivising a company to recruit from the long term unemployed? You’re right, of course. They should be left on the dole in case a company benefits from their work. Heaven forbid.

        2. Kieran Nice Young Chap

          The taxpayer is paying the dole anyway. You seem like you’d rather spite people stuck on the dole long term with all the individual, mental health and societal negatives that would bring than help them get a start in a job.

          The long term unemployed, the disabled and other groups have a harder time getting employment. They need all the government help they can get.

          1. Yep

            Kieran, one has to wonder how Abtran win so many government tenders when they have such a horrific record in handling them.

            Maybe you know something about it?

          2. MoyestWithExcitement

            Right wing ideology; Assistance for unemployed people; bad. Free/discounted labour (free people, basically); good. Right wingers are hilariously dimwitted.

          3. Clampers Outside

            It’s based on the feminist patriarchy theory, and it tells idiots that only men are peeps of DV, and plenty women are victims.
            Fools like you, and ideologues full of hate lap it up, as you have shown yourself to do repeatedly.

          4. MoyestWithExcitement

            I can’t believe you actually told me about rhe duluth model. :D You parody of a man.

          5. Deluded

            Well Clampers, do you want to tell the boys and girls about your “Empathy Monopoly” theory?

          6. Clampers Outside

            Any time Moyest, glad to remind you of what The Duluth Model is, and the damage that that ideological model does through it’s stupefying claims that men are the only perpetrators of DV and women the only victims.

            *slaps knee at the ridiculousness of such a claim*

            I mean seriously, how thick would one have to be to believe such ideological claptrap, eh? Especially when all the none advocacy research says otherwise.

            But still the lies continue….. sad in it. Sad and despicable.

            Have a nice weekend. I can remind you again on Tuesday if needs be, good lad.

    1. badatsports@memes.com

      Nobody knows whò you’re talking about Smith.
      Basketball wass still a minority sport in Ireland last time I looked.
      Take a hike.

  2. badatsports@memes.com

    Actually, can I just say something..?
    It’s important.

    If you can correctly identify ALL of the Spice Girls you have wasted part of your life.
    I stopped at Scary, but yeah…

  3. badatsports@memes.com

    I don’t normally do this but I’d like to thank the moderator who censored my last comment.
    You might have left if bereft of it’s political incision but you left the humour intact, and that deserves recognition.

    Thanks for only deleting two words. It means a lot.

    I’m not annoyed. I’m humoured, and sure isn’t that what it’s all about?

    1. badatsports@memes.com

      Short answer Andy, NO.
      …now, can I have my crowbar back please? I need it for my next comment.

  4. stopcensorship@memes.com

    I know some oof you are slow, so…
    Fupp you = fupp you
    Ladyparts = ladyparts

    I hope that that clears tthings up for you.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      jaysus, Clampers, of all your many heinous misdemeanours on this site, none comes close to that spelling of ‘lying’.

      1. Clampers Outside

        Thanks, dang typos!

        At what Milly, telling truths and asking questions? Nothing wrong with that, let’s not turn into something else.

        Wishing y’all a good Easter weekend

          1. MoyestWithExcitement

            2 posts up there, fella. Making out that you’re ‘just asking questions’ like you’re an activist on a Quest For Truth because you speculated a famous woman is lying about her ex because you’re a creep who hates women.

          2. Clampers Outside

            “….because you’re a creep who hates women.”

            Circular stuff Moyest…
            So, you ask…. why does Clamps hate women?
            And then you answer …because Clamps hate women.

            LOL…. like talkin’ to yourself there fella.

          3. MoyestWithExcitement

            It’s pretty solid reasoning. Your decision to volunteer that information was a complete non sequitur to the conversation you brought it up in as well. It’s evidently something that troubles you. A smart, well adjusted person would comclude there was something about him that put people off. Not you though. You have no faults. Women are lying beaches who have put together a global, covert propaganda spreading organisation.

          4. Clampers Outside

            You sure seem to think you know it all fella…. whatever.

            On that last bit…
            “Women are lying beaches who have put together a global, covert propaganda spreading organisation.”

            …it’s awful sad you think that. You shouldn’t blame all of them, and dont forget there are men involved in spreading feminist misinformation too.

            To my knowledge, it’s only the radical ideologically informed feminists &/or 3rd wave, of both genders… men and women feminists, who indulge such lies and propaganda spreading these days. A very sad truth that, indeed.

          5. MoyestWithExcitement

            “You sure seem to think you know it all fella…. whatever.”

            Yeah, I know I’ve hit the mark when this is said to me.

          6. Deluded

            Yeah, out-of-order Moyest.
            Clampers- I don’t think you “hate women” but I will argue with you about why some people get a raw deal.

          7. MoyestWithExcitement

            If you want to befriend, defend and validate a bigot, that’s your prerogative.

          8. Clampers Outside

            Aye Deluded, I hear ya.

            – – – –

            Moyest, “Yeah, I know I’ve hit the mark when this is said to me.”
            …really? You know? …know?

            ….this coming from the lad who thinks he “knows” that “reciprocal violence” in the context of DV is… and these are your words Moyest, believing that it means when “a woman is asking for it”. Numnerous examples of you insisting that, the last day Moyest.
            Only a Duluth Model supporter and ideologue would have such a stupefied and warped understanding of the reality, that they make up meanings to suit their own need for confirmation of their ideological viewpoint, and not the needs of the terrible problem of DV.

            Wilful blindness, nothing more. Common among ideologues incapable of thinking beyond their ideological myopia.

          9. MoyestWithExcitement

            That’s twice today you used to word ‘stupefied’. Did mammy get you a word of the day calendar for Christmas?

          10. Clampers Outside

            Aye Deluded, I hear ya.

            – – –

            Moyest, you’re funny. Sure what you “know” you demonstrated last week when you posted on numerous comments that “reciprocal violence” was “when a woman is asking for it” (to be hit). Which is bullpoo.

            Only an ideologue with little to no understanding of DV but their simpleton like knowledge of the Duluth Model, and warped view that it is a good model of DV intervention, would come out with such nonsense.
            Views held, and only held by, as far as I’ve seen, radical and ill informed feminist ideologues. Wilful blindness to the truth and an embracing of pure unadulterated claptrap….. it’s awful sad, in fairness that you are not the only one to think like that Moyest.

            Again, like I swaid that day, I’m so glad you demonstrated the strength of your belief in the lies told around DV, your misunderstandings, your false beliefs, etc. Gives me something, it let’s me know that telling the truth around DV is important, as too many like you just run with what “feels” right, rather than looking for facts to back up the “feels”.

            – – – –
            I’m off now, have a good one!

          11. Nigel

            ‘To my knowledge, it’s only the radical ideologically informed feminists &/or 3rd wave, of both genders… men and women feminists, who indulge such lies and propaganda spreading these days.’

            Er, not to back Moyest on anything because he’s awful in almost every way and a liability to anyone whose side he tries to be on, but a request for clarification – you can’t seriously be suggesting that these are the only people spreading lies and propaganda (leaving aside for a moment whether they are, in fact, spreading lies and propaganda) because that would seem… wrong. Weren’t you yourself the victim of anti-feminist lies and propaganda recently when you presented a facetious bill by a US politician as if its intent was serous rather than satiric? Unless you came to the conclusion that it was serious all by yourself, which certainly calls your judgement into question.

            Alternatively you possibly asserting that only feminists spread feminist lies and propaganda, which would appear to be a tautology, though naturally the assertion that only feminists spread lies and propaganda seems like anti-feminist lies and propaganda itself.

          12. Clampers Outside

            …to put it another way, they are the only members of the loose and varied people who subscribe to feminism.

            I think that was the clarification you were seeking. My bad writing lead to that…. sorry bout that

          13. MoyestWithExcitement

            There you are now, Clamps. A fellow who you keep having the same argument with for 12 hours at a time has decided to start the same argument with you again. Your night is sorted! Have fun!

          14. Clampers Outside

            Hear Nigel, check this out.This just out… well worth a look at the loony tunes “Professors” of feminism have come up with now…. you can take them seriously if you want Nigel, I’ll pass. This claptrap comes from feminism’s thought leaders… Enjoy…. Janice is a bit harsh on them though…


          15. Clampers Outside

            And another from March 2nd. Some feminist propagandist gets called out for making claims of a studies conclusions…. that are not evidenced in the body of research. Misandrist? Of course it is, by a despicable ideologue wilful liar from position of control attempting to manipulate domestic violence research for feminist propagandising

            Other way around you’d be calling this not fit to be, a camel scrote scratchers apprentice, a scumbag or something worse….


          16. Clampers Outside

            Video is from the Australian Senate, Estimates Committee.

            I wonder what TNS think about the mental conclusions being magic-ed out of thin air by this feminist ideologues, eh….
            Sure, it’s only men.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            helllooooo, because we are a CATHOLIC COUNTRY and tomorrow is a special day when we celebrate the barbaric torture of a man with a mild psychiatric illness. And if you go to work and don’t honour the wretched assault and murder of this man as the start of the weekend, you’re not Irish.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          Sure it wasn’t directed at you Clamps. It was directed at the king of pedantry, brother b.

    2. MoyestWithExcitement

      “Usually does round these parts….”

      The only place it doesn’t is Feminazis.org or whatever sad men’s formus you visit.

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