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Alan writes:

Simple question: Car Insurance. 2002 [Toyota] Yaris in good nick. I was lucky enough to get a quote of €450 fully comp with RSA last year (via Bank of Ireland). This year it’s crept up to €620. Internet quotes seem higher.

I was hoping to keep it to around €500 as I don’t use the car much. Can anyone recommend a cheap insurer or good broker?


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  1. Lord Snowflakee

    Definitely not RSA Alan, in the recent past to win new business I understand they underprovided and have a big gap in their accounts,hence the rate hikes.

    Probably at this stage you are looking at Chill or a broker like that to shop around on your behalf.

  2. Percival

    Brokers can be more expensive. I rang a broker who claim to find the cheapest deal from over 10 insurers. They quoted me 25% more for the same policy when I called the insurer directly.

    Car insurance is in serious need of investigation. Everyone I know is experiencing increases of up to 100% over the last two years. These are mature drivers with no claims. It cannot be justified and seems as though insurers are fleecing motorists for loses on other books.

    And that would be illegal.

    1. Lord Snowflakee

      Is it illegal though? I think it’s called business. Ideally we would have more insurers but then a lot of folks in this country also routinely behave in reckless behaviour on the roads and the standard of driving generally is woeful compared to say, the UK or USA, also our roads are not the best. I’m sure they do collude on prices to some extent and engage in anti-competitive practices etc but also the factors around are many and complex in my opinion.

  3. DavidT

    If you have any other policies – house, life, health, whatever – try those insurers. You can often get a discount for having more than one policy with them.

    Also, an increase of €170 is excessive, whatever they say. Just say it’s unacceptable. It really is! What’s this ‘rate of inflation’ bull I keep hearing about? See the chart here:

    It was negative last year.

    Tell them that you’re going elsewhere. They have the leeway.

  4. Trouble

    I’ve found first ireland to be good brokers. In the past I’ve not found a cheaper quote myself.

  5. The Bad Ambassador

    Last year we paid €450. This years renewal was nearly €800 – and most quotes we got were closer to the €1,000 mark (if not above).

    Post Insurance were around €550 but (they insure men too – the policy is in my name) won out with €370. (In the interest of full disclosure: it had been €420-ish but they sent a €30 voucher as and we upped the excess from €300 to €500).


  6. Odockatee

    Always shop around, use the brokers as a gage and the real premium you will have to pay will become apparent. I prefer contacting insurers directly just to be sure as well. Premiums raises year on year as a rule now it seems so don’t waste time trying to get justification for the increase

  7. Doug

    Similar experience recently. I drive an ’03 golf, its worth pittens. My insurance went up €150 this year and I questioned it. I was told if my car was a bit younger and more valuable that my premium would be slightly less. The logic: they tell me people have more respect for more valuable possessions-they don’t look after old bangers, therefore we’ve hiked your insurance

  8. David Hamilton

    I was calling around recently and one of my work colleagues recommended SuperValu.
    They were far cheaper than everyone else, backed by AIG, and will give an extra discount if you will run their big brother style driving behaviour monitoring app.

    1. Bob

      I can see these apps/trackers becoming standard in a few years if the government don’t do something about the insurance industry.

      1. Kieran Nice Young Chap

        Insurance industry will be fupped anyway with the introduction of self-driving cars

  9. LW

    This seems like an amazing quote, both years. What age are you OP, if you don’t mind my asking? I think your car’s age is gonna come against you with a new insurer, FBD won’t quote a car that age, I don’t think

  10. phil

    You dont need comprehensive insurance for a 2002 car, Im sure your excess is close to the value of the car.

    3rd Party Fire and Theft should do you

  11. BSJohnny went down for me when i went from an ’08 car wirth 4k to a ’17 car worth 32k, that was also from 3rd party to fully comp

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