17 thoughts on “De Easter Saturday Papers

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Photo on front page of IT. I’m an insomniac – what’s it to you? Is there a quota I should have been made aware of?

  1. martco

    anyone fearful of the concept of zero hour contract “jobs” should have a read of that article at the front of the FT – just to see how normalised the discussion has become in the UK these days

    1. Doood

      Have you seen the Kelvin McKenzie article on Ross Barkley that was published in the U.K. During the week? Mind boggling

        1. Kieran Nice Young Chap

          Those redtop editors have been a cancer in UK politics and society

          At least Maxwell did the honourable thing (ish)

          1. Kieran Nice Young Chap

            Oh you’re swallowing the mainstream media line. How typical. Who got to you?

            We all know he liked pizza and therefore was abducted by DOB aliens.

            I bet he didn’t even PAY for the water that drowned him!

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