Upper House Of Cards



What happened reform of the Senate?

The latest, excellent Here’s How podcast presented by journalist William Campbell tackles former Green Party TD, Senator and strategist Dan Boyle on the empty promises of Seanad reform that defeated the abolition referendum.

William (in a brilliant polemic) also addresses the uselessness of tribunals of inquiry In Ireland.


Listen here

Here’s How

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4 thoughts on “Upper House Of Cards

  1. Turgenev

    Not to mention a directly elected mayor of Dublin. Or holding votes on a Sunday so people could travel to a local polling station if they haven’t moved their vote, and so teachers wouldn’t be paid for a day of not working while schools were used as polling stations. Or, yes, having everyone have a vote for the Seanad, and no one having two votes for it.
    Democracy, schemocracy.

  2. francis almond

    the referendum was to keep or abolish the Seanad. it was not a referendum to reform the Seanad. if you voted to keep it in the vain hope it’s unelected members would reform themselves then you are an idiot.

  3. bisted

    …I’d forgotten Dan was actually involved on the winning side of a political campaign once…albeit, as William points out, based on untruth.

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